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New Updates for Subscan (Sep)

SUBSCAN| Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

New Function:

  • Multi-network application of EVM module. Added support for Moonriver, Shibuya (Shiden testnet) EVM module. Users can view EVM block details, transaction details, contract token transfer and other data through the Subscan explorer. At present, we are doing more in-depth research and development for the EVM module.
  • EVM 模块的多网络应用,新增对Moonriver, Shibuya (Shiden 测试网)的 EVM 模块支持,用户可通过 Subscan 浏览器查看 EVM 区块详情,交易详情,合约 token transfer 等数据。目前针对 EVM 模块,正在做进一步的研究与开发,对相关数据进行深度处理。
  • Support for Kusama Parachain: Kilt Spiritnet and Calamari.
  • 新增 对 Kusama Parachain Kilt Spiritnet、Calamari 的支持。
  • Extrinsic and Event list optimization:

1)Added filter conditions for blocks as the time dimension

2)Added filter conditions for Runtime version

3)Added filter conditions for transaction status (transaction success/failed/partial call failed)

4)Optimize page interaction and page turning

  • Extrinsic、Event 列表优化:


2)新增 Runtime 版本的过滤条件

3)新增交易状态的过滤条件(交易成功/失败/部分 call 成功)


  • In-depth support for Multisig, Sudo and Proxy transactions, adding a status mark indicating that the extrinsic is successfully sent but the call execution failed.
  • Sudo、Proxy、Multisig 交易的深度支持,新增交易发送成功但 Call 执行失败的状态标注。
  • Darwinia Crab network Token rename, from CRING to CRAB
  • Darwinia Crab 网络 Token 更名,从 CRING 更改为 CRAB。
  • Support the governance-related functions for Bifrost network
  • 支持 Bifrost 网络的治理相关功能

Cooperation Updates:

  • Polkadot Treasury Proposal #68 has passed and is now executed.
  • Polkadot 财政部提案#68 已通过议会投票,现已执行。



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