Subsquid Partners with Phala Network to Expand Ecosystem of Web3-Native Infrastructure

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Building truly immersive and user-friendly Web3 applications requires that developers have easy access to excellent decentralized infrastructure and tools. Today, we are delighted to announce that we have formed a partnership with Phala Network to provide the next generation of blockchain developers with an infrastructure stack that includes both decentralized computing and indexing.

Subsquid is the team behind squid SDK, an open-source framework that enables Web3 builders to create highly scalable and performant custom indexers which extract, transform, and present blockchain data as GraphQL APIs or in virtually any other format. Squids can be hosted for free using Subsquid’s hosted service, the Aquarium, and receive data from what will soon be a decentralized network of Archives.

Phala Network offers high-performance cloud computing services to developers, all while removing any reliance on central vendors. It does this through its worldwide, decentralized, network of computation nodes, composed of workers, who offer up their computing power to users, and gatekeepers, who organize interactions between other network participants. Phala is heavily focused on privacy, and programs are run in Secure Enclaves, a technology embedded into modern processors, enabling versatile and confidential execution.

“Phala removes the need for developers to depend on centralized data centers. In this way, Phala has the potential to bring about truly permissionless and censorship-resistant computing. This is really what Web3 is all about, and we’re very happy to be collaborating with a project working on such essential infrastructure,” writes Dmitry Zhelezov, CEO and co-founder of Subsquid. “Moreover, Phala’s Phat Contracts unlock use cases not possible with regular smart contracts, and we’re very excited to see what gets built with this technology.”

“By bringing Subsquid’s data processing and API development framework to Phala App, querying on-chain data becomes more easily, quickly, and efficient.” writes Doyle, director of Ecosystem Success at Phala Network. “Benefiting from this integration, Phala’s tech team can save energy from data processing, it not only maximizes developer effectiveness but also provide a good experience to users”

With time, Subsquid and Phala Network will eliminate the need for developers to rely on centralized data providers: Subsquid’s indexing network will bypass RPC node providers, while Phala’s miners give users direct and permissionless access to computational power. To kickstart the partnership, the Subsquid and Phala core teams have already started to work together on a number of projects and key features. In particular, Subsquid now supports the back-end of Phala’s App 2.0, drastically speeding up all features that require blockchain data. A squid indexer is also currently used to retrieve data about Phala network miners.

These were both open-source integrations. Interested readers may review the public repositories of each squid in the links below:

Squid #1: computation-squid
Squid #2: mining-subsquid

What has been accomplished so far is just the start of what has been planned. In time, we will reveal some additional ways that Subsquid is working with Phala products, including Phat contracts. There is still much to be revealed as we enter 2023!

About Subsquid

Subsquid is the team behind squids, a new standard for Web3 data extraction and transformation. Squids already power hundreds of applications across dozens of EVM, Substrate, and WASM-based chains. With modular architecture and a host of advanced features, Subsquid offers the most resource-efficient and developer-friendly way to build, test, and deploy customized GraphQL APIs and ETLs for blockchain-facing applications.

About Phala

Phala Network tackles the issue of trust in the computation cloud. By organizing a decentralized network of computation nodes around the world, it offers high-performance services without relying on any cloud vendor. Phala workers run the programs in Secure Enclaves, a privacy technology already embedded into modern processors, enabling versatile and confidential execution. Together, this creates the infrastructure for a powerful, secure, and scalable trustless computing cloud.



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