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What have drugs done for you?

To you?

Here at Substance (Ab)use we understand that although drugs can be extremely dangerous, often deadly, as we were taught in grade school, the full picture is not always so black and white.

However you feel about drugs of any form (from alcohol to cocaine, from caffeine to psychedelics, from Advil to Adderall), tell us about it. What’s your experience. The good, the bad, the transcendent, the horrifying.

This is a judgement-free zone.

A place for you to ignore the question of legality. Ignore the judgement. Ignore the stigma. And just tell your honest to God true story.

This is just one step towards taking away the power that lies in the forbidden. To help those who need to heal do so, and those who consciously want to have encounters with mind-altering substances to feel free.

If this resonates with you, join us.


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If you’re interested in contributing, please comment on this post with your medium handle (e.g. @nychickinberlin), and I will add you as a writer so that you can submit an article.

I’m looking forward to your contribution. Please give me one week to respond.





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