Happy Birthday Jon

Jon was the best man at my wedding. He also happened to be staying with us the weekend that we found out we were pregnant with our oldest, and therefore the first person to hear our family was growing. How is he thanked all these years later? With the most amazing birthday cards, that’s how.

Cameron, Aged 8

How beautiful, you may be saying to yourself. A rocket in space that appears to be heading towards the sun. Cam even did a great job with adding stars (to one side of the ship). However, it turns out that there is something the spaceship’s captain doesn’t know.

The inside of the card reads:

You are flying in a spaceship to the sun, because you want treasure and gold. Little do you know your flesh will be burnt to a crisp. I hope you like the smell of burnt flesh and bones.

Doesn’t everyone secretly wish for the smell of burnt flesh and bones for their birthday? When I asked Cameron why the spaceship had to be heading into the sun, he said, “Sometimes space flight goes wrong.” What a sobering reminder that our fates can be entwined with the best of technological capabilites. I guess this card is a reminder to enjoy every day, and maybe to stay away from space flight.

The space theme continues into the next card as well.

Dominic, Aged 4

This has to be the most coherent and well drawn card Dominic has every produced. If only the drawing wasn’t so… dark.

The inside of the card reads:

This is Jon on a rocket ship. He went to the moon to explore. He found aliens. And then he took them home on the sides of his rockets. When he got home he killed the aliens and he eated them up. Yum!

To avoid the roasted alien in the room, I really enjoy the composition of this card. I mean he even has a yellow squiggle at the bottom of the rocket. He has also carefully drawn ropes that criss cross the ship to properly harness the attached aliens. While I would have appreciated more details on the drawings of Jon’s future dinner, I think that his use of color and shape properly conveys the conflicting emotions that Jon must be feeling.

When I asked Dominic why Jon had to eat the aliens he said, “They smelled like candy.” That certainly explains a lot.

Emerson, Aged 2

It is always hard to know what Emerson is trying to accomplish with his drawings. His use of dots and squiggles makes me think it depicts the closion of energy and mass. Keeping with the space theme, maybe an depiction of the big bang? Only his burgeoning brain knows.

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