The Subversive Community / What We Have Planned

Here’s the deal.

There are plenty of tech communities out there serving every niche imaginable, and as technologists, each of us is likely involved in several. That’s totally fine.

What makes the Subversive community different is our focus on the tech that solves problems facing regular folks across the globe. The middle class — people with common, everyday struggles — but also the disenfranchised, the underprivileged, and the oppressed.

In this age of on-demand-premium-everything, we don’t hear about these ideas anymore. They are commonly dismissed by investors, entrepreneurs, and even the press as risky and unprofitable, too long-term, too forward-thinking, or too edgy.

It isn’t entirely surprising. Investors invest in what they know and understand, and entrepreneurs create what they know and understand. When that knowledge comes from a position full of privilege and lacking in diversity, what you get instead is a glut of companies solving problems that relatively few people have a pressing need to be solved.

From a pure profit perspective, this uninformed and apprehensive culture can lead to bad investments and missed opportunities. Half of the households in the U.S. live on less than $50,000 per year. Half of the workforce in the U.S. makes less than they did in 1970 in real terms. What is weighing on their shoulders, and what technologies will address their needs?

At Subversive, we want to bring together individuals who are working on changing powerful and entrenched industries when they’re told it can’t be done. It’s about thinking long term. We want to discuss how people are using tech to benefit the masses because we believe that the most valuable startups will be the ones addressing the needs of the 99%.

This will not be run like a meet-up.

Instead, we’ll be throwing highly collaborative live events that dig deep into the tech that challenges corrupt and entrenched industries and subverts institutionalized ways of thinking. Each event will feature a panel of founders/experts/everyday people affected by this entrenchment and the things they are doing to solve it. We will explore the impossible, discuss the inevitable, and build a community interested in having a broader impact.

In addition to the live events, we’ll be producing an in-depth interview series and potentially a few documentary shorts. There will be a Slack group for discussion as well. Lastly, this Medium publication will be used to feature content from the Subversive community.

Shoot us an email and introduce yourself.

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