Introducing the Customer Success Accelerator Framework

Todd Eby
Todd Eby
May 3, 2017 · 4 min read
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Customer Success is a vast topic that is top of mind for many. It seems that there is always a new idea or strategy that hits the top of the thought leadership blogs. With all the noise in the Customer Success space, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start and how to make progress in short order.

To make real, rapid progress you need a standard framework that provides you with a proven structure that delivers results.

Our methods are acquired from the 20+ years of experience we have in working with teams create successful customers. Our approach leverages practices from the discipline of Growth Hacking which emphasizes rapid progress by putting process first and tactics second. We refer to our adaptation of the Growth Hacking disciplines to our methodology as, Success Hacking.

Customer Success Accelerator Framework

The Customer Success Accelerator (CSA) Framework is designed to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to build a world-class Customer Success program.

This isn’t your typical theory heavy framework, rather, we’re taking a pragmatic and phased approach so that all of your efforts can be focused toward execution.

Our Approach

We use a 4 level model. What’s unique about this approach is that it doesn’t involve hiring an expensive consultant or spending vast amounts of time figuring out where to start and what to do next. The 4 levels are:

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Foundations: The initial level of the framework focuses on establishing and aligning your Mission/Vision/Values/Purpose and Strategy.

Consistent Delivery: The second level of the framework is focused on the creation of your “Success Engine”, the processes and “plays” necessary to deliver the products/services your customers are subscribing to, the Methodology that describes and guides the application of your process and the training that your team will need to be able to fully understand how everything comes together in the delivery of the desired outcome.

Operationalization: The third level of the framework focuses on operational discipline with the goal being to understand how you can increase service delivery efficiency and productivity while reducing the variation in your results. Operationalization is all about deeply understanding how you “assemble” Success and what you need to do to begin to scale your Customer Success strategy and program.

Systemization: Tools are very useful, but you only get the full benefit if you’re fully ready to use them. During the Systemization phase we focus on preparing and deploying automation that enables you to drive process adherence and insights into the efficacy of your efforts which in turn fuels continuous improvement efforts and facilitates the optimization of all of the other aspects of the Framework.

By leveraging the CSA Framework, you’ll learn how to define, design and create a repeatable foundation for Customer Success that will deliver improved customer engagement, retention and revenue.

Stages of Organizational Maturity

The net effect is to accelerate not just your growth, but also the maturity of your Customer Success organization. Understanding what drives efficiency and improved results will enable you to understand where to, based on the factors that drive maturity, invest your time and focus your efforts to drive rapid maturation of your Customer Success operation.

A Deeper Dive

To take a deeper dive into our Success Hacking approach, we’ve derived a series of training modules that provide the skill set you need to develop and implement the framework. We’re covering topics in each phase:


  • Understanding how Culture impacts your ability to deliver Success
  • Formulating your Mission, Vision and Values to drive Success
  • Crafting a one-page Success Strategy
  • Identifying your Success measures
  • Introducing Agile into your Customer Success program

Consistent Delivery

  • Understanding your Customer using a Jobs To Be Done-based approach
  • Identifying your Ideal Customer
  • Segmenting your Customer base


  • Mapping your Service Delivery approach
  • Defining and operationalizing your Processes
  • Choreographing your Customer Engagements
  • Building Account Success Plans
  • Scaling, roles and the organization structure
  • Constructing a Financial Plan


  • Automation Readiness
  • Continuous Improvement Program

The Customer Success Accelerator Framework closes the gap between theory and implementation, providing you with a clear path forward built on knowledge and experimentation, not guesswork.

It’s a simple framework that is easy to follow. It’s purpose is to help you rapidly build a results-focused Customer Success program. We’ll be getting into the specifics phase-by-phase in future articles.

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Todd Eby

Written by

Todd Eby

Successful Customers = Successful Company — Founder of


If you want to learn about Customer Success or start a career as a Customer Success Manager, you’re in the right place.

Todd Eby

Written by

Todd Eby

Successful Customers = Successful Company — Founder of


If you want to learn about Customer Success or start a career as a Customer Success Manager, you’re in the right place.

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