I love meeting the Medium community, and I want more!

Celebrating Amazing, Inspiring, Generous People

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

I have had the chance to meet Tom Kuegler. We have become digital friends and will meet soon in person—in the meantime, Tom has been championing me out of mere kindness and generosity. His unwavering support has pushed me to take on the challenge of publishing every day on Medium for a while, and his guidance freed me from the fear of sharing myself with others.

Through Tom, I got in touch with Basma Khalaf, an inspiring woman whom I have a lot in common with. We met up for coffee last week, and couldn’t stop talking. New friendship on the way!

Laila & Basma’s meet up in San Francisco — Such a cool lady!

Joel Mwakasege has taught me to share, not instruct. Thanks to him, I found my voice and have been able to convey a lot more in my writing. Beyond that, it’s a principle I have started to apply in my personal life, and that has transformed the nature of my relationships with my loved ones.

Some, like Sean Fogler, have been reading me consistently and abundantly sharing thoughts and reflections, which I am always delighted with.

I follow many others religiously, like Kris Gage, William Frazier, Zat Rana, whose perspective on life help me grow as a woman, as a human, as a writer.

So what is this article about, beyond the tribute to all these amazing people?

As I met in person with Basma, I thought to myself:

How awesome would it be in a room full of Medium writers?

So, here’s a suggestion to Ev Williams and all the Medium Staff: how about organizing a meet-up event for Medium writers and readers ? It might be restricted to the Bay Area at first—maybe at the Medium office? But I’m sure that could easily spread over the community :)

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

In the meantime, I would love to drive that myself. So if you are in the Bay Area, shoot me a message, leave me a note, comment on this article — it would be an honor to meet you !

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