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Why I think I would be perfect for this job

I have two passions in life: yoga and networking.

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First thought I got when I read the job offer:

Wait a second, I was born for this!

1. I love to create and nurture relationships

I see networking opportunities everywhere.

Startup meet-ups, career events, casual dinners, entrepreneurship bootcamps, job interviews, bus-rides. You get the idea!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve created a strong and diverse network reaching all continents, and have taken pleasure in maintaining these relationships.

I have connected with VCs, partners, all ranges of C-level people, professors, directors… and the number of mentors I have cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand anymore.

2. Organizing events is a hobby

My favorite one is when I rocked up to a VC from Partech Ventures who participated to a panel at a startup night. I was intrigued by his young, casual style. My first thought was:

I have to get this guy to come to my school. He seems like a rare species. My peers need to see this!

So, I just made it happen.

Asked him for his contact and whether he’d be willing to come.
Got all the authorization I needed from my school.
Handle the logistics of organizing the event.
Advertised the event.
Turned it into a pitch competition.

It was awesome!

3. I’ve been living in uncertain, fast-changing conditions for as long as I can remember

Moved 2000kms away from home at 17.

Spent two years studying hard to take a national-wide competitive exam, with 0 certainty of getting into a school.

Moved to the other side of the world—Australia, to work in an early-stage startup.

All these experiences have taught me to thrive in uncertain conditions.

I actually celebrate being in uncomfortable situations, as I have been aware this has been my main fuel of growth.

4. I don’t wait for directions. I suggest ideas, own them and figure out what I need to do to execute

As I was working with an early-stage startup in Melbourne, I was creating my own estimation model on Day 2 to provide value to a massive part of our user base that we weren’t serving yet. By the end of the first week, I was implementing the model in our product. That was key in unlocking the growth of the company.

Similarly, as I did consulting for a new-born startup in Sydney, I had to figure out a way to create a professional-looking, interactive, easy-to-make platform to be sent to users to test the company’s concept while developing the product. Figured it out in a couple of days. We called that the Manual Market and +$1M AUD transited through it.

When I see a problem or get annoyed, I just try to find a way to fix it or improve the situation.

5. I celebrate creativity

How can I do this differently, so that it stands out and provides a unique experience to my audience?

Hopefully, this transpires enough through this article that you want to talk to me!

6. Connecting people is second nature

I can’t help it—whenever a friend tells me about his or her need to meet a specific profile, my brain scans through network to figure out if there’s a way I can help.

I’m currently trying to get the @Medium community more connected. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In fact, whether I get the job or not, I would love to know how I can contribute to drive Village Global’s vision further, because I seriously believe in what you want to achieve. I mean this.

7. I’m a French-Moroccan woman who worked with clients and colleagues from all over, from startups to big tech companies

Can I handle professionals from different countries? You bet.

My bicultural background has been key for this ability: I have experienced cross-cultural communication challenges, and I know how to handle them.

8. Wherever I go, I look for ways to add value

I’ve been sharing a lot of my personal networking tips on my blog, in order to spread what has worked for me so far with my peers and the world. More on that here, here or even here.

I’ve been mentoring students from my former school to help them find the internship of their dream.
I became a Career representative for my department, and strive to facilitate the career development of my peers the best way I can.

I’m exploring entrepreneurial ways I could share all the benefits I got from practicing yoga at scale, with the world.

I realized I spend most of my time providing value to others.

9. I love to get my hands dirty

I never consider tasks to be too high or too low.

If they are necessary and/or useful to drive the company I work for forward, then I’ll happily roll up my sleeves and get things done.

I proudly did that for my new-born startup client, for whom I crafted the Manual Markets.

It was a highly manual process, yet I was happy to get them done every week for 3 months, as they were key in proving that the company could get traction and adapt the actual platform to the customers.

10. I’ve been trained to learn fast

France’s Engineering training kicks you in the butt so hard that learning and adapting quickly becomes part of your DNA.

That’s where I learned how to learn.
This experience skyrocketed my ability to ingest information and adapt to new, difficult knowledge. And appreciate the process along the way.

Hopefully, you’re interested by now!

Here’s an article about why you shouldn’t hire me.
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I live in the Bay Area—and I’ll be in touch!

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