If You Build It, They Will Come

Bullshit! If you want to be successful, you need to get off your ass and do the work.

Scott Gese
Jan 11, 2020 · 4 min read
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If you build it, someone might stumble across it… if you’re lucky.

But even that’s no guarantee they’ll stop and take a look at what they tripped over.

If you think you can build a business, website, blog, product, write a book or even a post a story on Medium. Then sit back and wait for the maddening hordes to beat a path to your virtual door, guess what? It ain’t gonna’ happen.

According to Internet Live Stats, every second of every day there are:

  • 8803 Tweets are sent
  • 964 Instagram photos uploaded
  • 79,836 Google searches
  • 82,180 YouTube videos viewed
  • 2,871,743 Emails sent

There’s so much competition out there. Shit! You’re just a blip on the radar. No, you’re not even a blip. In fact, you’re not even on the freakin’ radar.

There are so many people fighting for just a small fraction of a piece of internet action. Fighting for more than the average eight seconds of attention someone is willing to give them. Fighting for their thin sliver of internet pie. It boggles the mind.

Do nothing, or do something badly, and you won’t be around long enough to get that sliver of pie. Hell, you won’t even get the crumbs or the lickings off the plate.

I’m not talking about traditional brick and mortar academia. I’m talking about virtual internet academia.

Start Googling, start reading, start figuring it out and by all means, start doing the work. It’s up to you. It’s your choice. No one will make the hard decisions, do the hard work or achieve your success for you.

Learn how to market your business, your website, yourself. Learn about key words, headlines, SEO, how to write engaging content, how to build an email list and how to grab, keep and prolong someones attention.

According to the website Campaign Monitor, after all the above hard work has been done, the average email open rate is still only 15–25%. Of those slim percentages, only 2.5% will bother to click through to your offer.

The average website landing page conversion rate is less than 3%.

These dismal percentages show the stark reality of working to be successful in internet land. In general terms…people don’t participate.

Potential customers certainly won’t participate on their own. That’s a fact.

It goes without saying, you need to be at the top of your game if you expect to be successful online. You need to learn how to entice people to participate. Learn how to thoughtfully guide them toward you and your product.

Be sure you build something, do something, write something you’re proud of and don’t put it out there until you are. There’s enough junk floating around out there in cyberspace cluttering up internet land.

You don’t need to be adding to it. People are searching for quality. If you can’t do that. If you’re not the one who can provide it, make no mistake about it, they’ll look for it someplace else in a heartbeat.

Yes, some of your precious television time. Turn the damn thing off. It’s a time suck. It’s an energy waster. It’s an intelligence stupefier. You don’t need that when you’re trying to succeed at something you think is important.

Stay focused. Don’t be checking your Email box every fifteen minutes. You’re not that important. Steer clear of your Facebook timeline when there’s work to do. Avoid it. It’s not your friend.

You’ll be offering up a lot of time and sweat equity. It might even take some of your hard earned money. There’s always a price for success. If it were free, everyone would have it. If everyone had it, it wouldn’t be worth a shit.

Remember, if you build it they will come, but only if you draw them in. Offer them something they can’t refuse. Offer them everything you have, all condensed into your final product.

They’ll never see the sweat and tears. They’ll never see the time and trials. They’ll only see the shiny object you set in front of them. But that’s okay. That’s how it’s suppose to be. That’s how it works. That’s how successful people operate. You can be one of them.

Do Epic Shit!

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Success in Mind

The meaning and requirements of success varies from person to person. One thing is certain. Your success depends on a Positive mental attitude and an optimistic frame of mind.