To be an Authentic Writer, Write Like You Talk

I had an epiphany this morning. You know, one of those Ah-Ha moments when thoughts become crystal clear.

Scott Gese
Jan 3, 2020 · 4 min read
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It didn’t last long. Those moments never do. But in that instant of clarity, what was revealed to me was a game changer as far as my writing career goes.

I was not quite awake. Drifting between that time of sleep and wakefulness. That time when dreams and reality still mingle together and I haven’t quite separated the two. It’s a time when those epiphanies and Ah-Ha moments leave that place from where they originate, and travel to the forefront of my mind.

I have some of my most insightful thoughts when I’m in this space.

So what was this Ah-Ha moment? This earth shattering life changing epiphany that will send my writing career in a whole new direction? Take it to a whole new level?

It has to do with the way I was tailoring my articles. I wasn’t being authentic. It wasn’t using my true voice.

This is not a “find your voice” article.

Others have written reams of virtual paper on this subject. I have a writing voice. I just wasn’t using it properly.

I will say this much. As far as all that information on finding your writing voice goes, screw it all. I can sum it up in four words… Write Like You Talk!

For me, from now on…

I’ll no longer write with the immature voice of a pubescent adolescent. Nor the voice of a young man him-hawing and scuffing dirt, unsure of himself and his abilities as a writer.

From now on I will write with the voice of a mature, authentic writer. Confident and unconcerned about who my writing might or might not please.

We should all write this way. We should all be authentic writers.

Why should writing be so difficult, especially if we write how we speak?

A simple explanation on the difference between speaking and writing.

When a person is actually speaking, you can hear and see them. Sound waves travel over distance from the speaker to your ears. The waves are pick up and your brain deciphers them. It’s audible. Because of that, you pick up subtle inflections, hesitations, pitch changes.

Body language plays a big part in speaking as well. Our brains take all this information into consideration and with the help of past experience and your subconscious mind, you make instantaneous judgments about what’s being said.

Speaking is much more dynamic and engaging than writing.

Writing on the other hand is very one dimensional and depends in large part on our eyes only. We use grammar and punctuation, style and tone to get our feelings across to our readers.

Our writing needs to engage our readers enough to prompt them to use their imagination. To visualize with their mind. It’s easier with fiction than with non-fiction. You can let an article get boring if you’re not careful.

Your authentic voice can help. Voice is your personality coming through, by your use of language and word choices. It needs to be engaging. It’s the spice of your article. Without it, it will be bland and tasteless.

You’ll still need to do the work to write well. Just be authentic and write well in the way you would talk to your friends. Let your words flow.

In the past I wrote articles that were tailored to please other people as far as the way I wrote them. I was a people pleaser. My mindset was to visualize the type of person I wanted my article to attract and then write in a way I thought they would like. It was usually forced. It was so not me.

As of today I’m changing my ways.

I will no longer tailor my articles to attract a certain type of reader. My writing will still attract a certain type of reader. Readers who like the authentic me.

The me who will come off as little rough around the edges at times.

The me who no longer tailors his writing. Editing yes, tailoring no.

My articles will be authentic and to the point when necessary. I won’t be rude or disrespectful, but I’ll no longer wrap what I have to say in whitewashed cotton.

I will no longer soften or dance around the edges of some point I want to make in the fear that someone might not agree with me.

If someone doesn’t agree with me, fine. They don’t have to agree with what I write. They can either not read the article or disagree (politely) with me in the comment section.

And yes, there will be an occasional cuss word, because that’s the authentic me.

One step along my path to success.

I’m still following my same path to success. The difference is that now I’ve come to understand the importance of being an authentic writer.

As with anyone. No matter what you do, your path to success hinges upon your state of mind. It’s important to be authentic with your attitude and your beliefs. As they determine who you really are.

As new insights and information become available to us, our attitudes and beliefs will shift. The journey we are on will continue to evolve as we continue to improve. Our goal to succeed will remain the same.

Stay authentic and keep moving forward.

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Writer of novels, articles and blog posts. Specializing in short story fiction. He is currently moving all of his fiction to His website

Success in Mind

The meaning and requirements of success varies from person to person. One thing is certain. Your success depends on a Positive mental attitude and an optimistic frame of mind.

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