Harpreet Singh Chawla | SCM S2E11

Harpreet Singh Chawla | Such Conversations Matter S2E11

“…People have started focussing on generation of money but are still ignoring part of managing money…”

“… लोगों ने पैसा बनाने पर ध्यान देना शुरू कर दिया है लेकिन अभी भी पैसे के प्रबंधन के हिस्से की अनदेखी कर रहे हैं …”

Meet Harpreet, a wealth manager and financial literacy advocate currently based out of Chandigarh. Harpreet has worked in multiple functions in his decade long career. He most recently left Amazon India where he worked as a Product Manager. He completed his MBA from IIM Ahemdabad, prior to which he worked in an education startup. After completing his Computer Science Engineering from NIT Jalandhar and worked for Fiserv India. His passion for numbers, patterns and understanding the nature of money generation has now catapulted him into being a full time investor, primarily in the equity markets. He is passionate about increasing people’s financial literacy and has been designing curricula around that. Harpreet is a close friend and the initial phases of our career journeys has been very similar. We have been working together since Aug 2021 towards financial literacy.

This episode was recorded in April 2021.

He appeared in Episode 11 of Season 2 talking about Financial Literacy in India

Listen to an excerpt from the conversation here:

Know more about him — https://www.linkedin.com/in/harpreetsinghchawla/

Watch the full conversation on Youtube -

Also the full conversation on Facebook:


Listen to the full conversation audio podcast:

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