Priyank Sharma | SCM S1E22

Priyank Sharma, Education Researcher, NIEPA, NCERT, TISS, NIT Jalandhar

“COVID-19 has made people ask some questions which people should have asked long back! Things don’t change till people protest to change the systems… the privilege of protest is limited to certain kind of people…”

Priyank is an engineer from NIT Jalandhar, a Masters in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, an MPhil from National Institute of Education Planning and Administration, Delhi and most recently, a researcher in education — who was supposed to pursue his research studies in the US on side effects of Education systems. But the COVID-19 crisis forced those plans to change and he is currently continuing his research at NIEPA itself. Priyank likes to go into the depth of topics and find out the fundamental reasons for any practice or policy.

He appeared in Episode 22 of Season 1 talking about Education Systems in India.

Listen to an excerpt from the conversation here:

Know more about him —

You can read more about his thoughts from his semi-blog on facebook —

And, he created the education forum, of which I am a co-creator now! ANNEducation —

Watch the full conversation on Youtube -

Also the full conversation on Facebook:

Listen to the full conversation audio podcast:

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