Saurabh Nanda | SCM S1 E12, E25

Saurabh Nanda, Educator and Career Consultant, NIT Jalandhar, AYF Japan

“Human Triumph is defined by empathy and relationships.”

Meet Saurabh Nanda, a computer engineer turned educator. He found that his computer engineer career was not fulfilling and did not make him happy. So he quit and ventured to solve this problem — bad career choices. Since, 2012, he has donned multiple hats in the Indian and International education sectors. He started as a counsellor, also started training students, also started consulting test-prep companies to make better pedagogical products, became an educational psychologist, started making products for that, conducted many corporate training events, became a sought after career consultant for schools and colleges. After the lockdown, he also became a podcaster.

He has lived all over India, Denmark and Japan.

He is the founder of Such Conversations Matter and has appeared in all the episodes as a host.

Saurabh Nanda, Education Psychologist | SCM S1E12

“Indian systems…we continuously need external intervention…and that external intervention will not always come from outside India…there needs to be a systemic change at scale”

He appeared as a guest in Season 1 Episodes 12 and 25.

Know more about him:

Watch the full conversations on Youtube here -

Season 1 Episode 12, Mental Health for Students:

Season 1 Episode 25, Democratisation of Access to Information:

Also the full conversation on Facebook:

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SCM S1E25-

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SCM S1E12-

SCM S1E25-

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Saurabh Nanda

Saurabh Nanda


Sustainability, Global Citizenship, Youth Empowerment… Career Consulting