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Sudachi v0.10.0 release notes

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Terms and Privacy

Confirmation Dialog will be shown when app launched.
You have to accept Terms and Privacy when you create new Sudachi Account.

Reset password

Reset password form

Delete Account

You must enter your name when you delete your account


  • New Feature Terms of Condition and Privacy Policy of Sudachi have published. A confirmation dialog to ask user to accept or not it will be shown when the app is launched.
  • New Feature Add a checkbox to confirm whether a user accepts Terms and Privacy to sign up form.
  • New Feature Add the link to reset password to sign in form. You can reset your password if you want to change your password or forget it.
  • New Feature Add account menu that let users be able to terminate their account and to delete the data posted by themselves.
  • Improvement Bundle app resources by webpack to prepare the build architecture that make available to compress package size more small.
  • Improvement Rewrite the codebase with Typescript to educe the risk of bugs caused by losing the control of an exception handling, especially the case of api call to firestore.



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