Yusuf Misdaq


Sometimes I stare out into an expansive sky
And see perfect summer trees with the sun inside them 
And these things, they beat me

And it feels good to be no one 
It reminds you of the hierarchy.


I’ve been still

As the world has moved

Traveled past me
I’ve been distant as I did the distance

Boiling softly, charging
Never discharging. Never starting. Only parking
Not partaking. Never relating. Waiting
Stumbling, limping, thinking of thinking, softly sinking

Roaming the Earth with a closed mouth
Staring at the colourful people of the South 
Poor people / Happy / Me looking / Them living

The life of drums is eternal
Music is always marching with you 
Even when you cannot hear

Into Solidity (2011) is available on Amazon
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