Are There Any Real Sugar Daddies That Pay for Conversation in 2024?

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Real Sugar Daddies That Pay for Conversation

Does a sugar daddy who pays you for chatting seem like a dream? Not sure if platonic sugar daddies exist? Yep! It’s possible to find them on special sugar daddy websites, but your success depends on the particular dating site you use. Here are some good sugar daddy dating apps and sites:

  1. Secret Benefits
  2. AshleyMadison
  3. SugarDaddy

To learn more about potential sugar daddies who want to find a platonic sugar baby, read on!

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Platonic Sugar Daddy Meaning

The term platonic sugar daddy might be a bit confusing, as there is a stereotype that all sugar daddies search for sugar babies just for sex. And what they are getting paid for. But that’s a misconception. An essential part of all sugar relationships is genuine connections and emotional bonds.

A platonic sugar daddy is a sugar daddy who seeks meaningful connections that don’t require physical intimacy. You can also find them on paid and free sugar daddy apps and sites.

Note that platonic sugar daddies are not necessarily cyber sugar babies. They might expect to go on real dates and meet IRL; everything depends on the particular arrangement.

Platonic SD vs Classic SD

Platonic Sugar Daddy

  • The focus is on a non-sexual relationship with a sugar baby
  • May or may not include IRL dates
  • Platonic SDs are often older, over 60
  • Pay less, from $1,000 to $2,000 per month (can be more or less depending on the particular arrangement and area)
  • Platonic sugar daddy relationship is usually longer (1+ year)

Classic Sugar Daddy

  • The focus is on a relationship and in most cases, sexual intimacy is a big part of it
  • IRL dates are obligatory
  • Classic sugar daddies are usually younger; the average age is 36
  • Pay more, starting at $3,500 per month (yet it depends on the city and type of arrangement)
  • Sugar dating a classic SD is usually a short-term thing, from 1 month up to 6 months (sometimes longer)

Why Do Men Become Platonic Sugar Daddies for Sugar Babies?

There are different reasons why men become platonic sugar daddies, as there are many types of them. But the core reasons for the majority are:

  • Loneliness. Some men go to sugar daddy sites to find sugar babies for companionship, support, and emotional connection, as they don’t have enough of that in their lives.
  • Companionship of a young, beautiful woman. Some sugar daddies get a sense of validation in society for being in a relationship with a very hot and usually way younger woman.
  • Desire to feel more powerful. Many sugar daddies like the feeling of control over the financial lives of their sugar babies. They like to feel needed.
  • Mentorship. There are sugar daddies who get satisfaction from guiding young sugar babies and sharing their experience in building careers.

Though these are key reasons, a guy you meet on a sugar dating site might have his own reasoning. It can always be a good conversation topic, but you need to be very sensitive about it.

Rules of Platonic Relationships on Sugar Daddy Apps

The rules of platonic sugar relationships may vary a lot from one sugar relationship to another, as there is no book of rules you need to adhere to. However, most of the platonic sugar daddies and babies follow these rules:

  • Platonic sugar arrangements must be mutually beneficial relationships, so both parties get what they agree to (SD — companionship, SB — financial support)
  • Being on the same page about the arrangement and boundaries is a must
  • Platonic sugar relationships don’t include sexual or romantic elements, so no party should expect it even over time
  • Some platonic relationships require that personal details remain confidential
  • Depending on the arrangement, the sugar baby allowance can be negotiable or non-negotiable
  • It will end eventually

When starting a relationship with a SD on a sugar daddy app or site, it’s important to discuss all the ins and outs of your arrangement before actually committing to it. The good thing is that you don’t need to be shy, as both parties know what they signed up for.


Platonic sugar daddy relationships might be rare, but they are possible. There are many successful and wealthy individuals looking for attractive young women online. The key to meeting them is to join the best sugar daddy apps or sites and put in some effort to find sugar daddies who are interested in platonic sugar babies.

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