What Does PPM Stand For? The Sum You Can Get For One PPM

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what does ppm stand for

Are you confused about the term PPM? Not sure what it actually means in sugar dating? Explore a definition of the abbreviation and learn all the nuances of it for both sugar daddies and sugar babies in our article!

What is PPM?

PPM is the abbreviation that stands for pay per meet. It’s a type of allowance in sugar dating one sugar baby receives a payment per date not per month, as in traditional SB allowance. The size of PPM varies depending on the type of relationship, location, and also special requirements.

This form of payment is usually used for short-term relationships (less than 2 months) and also first sugar dates, as it’s usually more comfortable for both parties. Sometimes PPM can also be used for irregular long-term sugar daddy dating.

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PPM Pros & Cons


  • PPM allows to focus on the first date as the financial question is out of the way
  • It’s safer for sugar babies, as there is less chance that they meet a salt daddy (if PPM is paid at the beginning of the date)
  • PPM is more beneficial to SB as they usually get more per date than with allowance if you calculate the equivalent
  • PPM is more convenient for SDs who like to have multiple sugar babies


  • PPM sugar relationships might feel more transactional
  • PPM is often compared to and mistaken for sex work
  • PPM is more expensive than the allowance for a SD long-term
  • PPM usually includes fewer gifts and other perks

How Much PPM for Sugar Relationship?

It’s hard to measure the size of PPM, as there are a lot of variables. However, we did our best to give you a general idea of how much on average sugar babies get per date.

  • Meet&Greet PPM (no intimacy) — $50-$200+ or a small gift
  • Classic PPM — $200-$600+
  • Platonic PPM — $50-$300
  • Cyber PPM (video date) — $20-$100

It’s important to emphasize that we just made estimates, and everything strongly depends on the particular sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement.

What Affects the PPM Cost?

I have already mentioned that there are a lot of variables in the PPM calculation, as there are a lot of factors that influence the cost. Here are the main ones:

  • Location. Sugar babies in the bigger cities with more sugar daddies tend to get higher PPM as the cost of living in the area is higher. However, college cities, which can also be quite big, tend to have high concentrations of SBs, which means more competition and usually lower PPM. But still, the rule of thumb is that the smaller the city, the lower the cost.
  • Type of sugar arrangement. Classic sugar arrangements that include intimacy are more expensive than platonic or cyber sugar dating.
  • Age. Younger SBs tend to get more, especially if they are 21–25.
  • Experience. Sugar babies who have been doing it for a while value themselves more and know all the tricks of how to get a higher PPM.
  • Exclusivity and additional requirements. Additional privacy and any special conditions, like traveling to SD, covering any kinks, etc., add more to SB PPM.

These are all the key factors that influence the cost the most. But you also need to understand that there is no one price list; a lot here depends on the generosity of SD and his wealth.


PPM is a favorite of many SBs, as it has a lot of perks. SDs also have several benefits, especially if they have multiple SBs, as they don’t overspend on allowances. However, in modern sugar dating, PPM is common mainly for the first few dates of long-term relationships, or short-term arrangements.

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