When The Big Blue F Will Become The Big Blue Brother?

Recently, reports came out about Facebook playing with big ambitions. No wonder sitting on a lot of money makes you think of big thing.

Yet, there are a few things worth to note about these ambitions.

They are darn spooky

Take the Aquila project

.. or the 60 Ghz Wireless network thing:

One of the ‘Terrestrial Connectivity Systems’ huh

That, combined, would make wireless internet ubiqutuous all around the world.

Why worry?

You shouldn’t. Neither I.

Yet, Facebook has been notorious about looking behind your skull bones. So, it should not strike you that:

  • what you see in your feed is not just based on what you like, but is algorithm altered,
  • you may be subject to mood altering experiments at any time at their leisure.

Not sold?

Read — at least — trend #4 “Big Data comes with big responsibility — Don’t be Evil!” in Federico Travella’s great post on LinkedIn 7 Trends Mary Meeker Missed in Her Internet Trends 2016 Report.


I hope they don’t have the master code for the peace makers. Nor they intend to work on ultraterrestrial crystal viruses that resonate with certain frequencies.

Disclaimer: I hold a long position in an unnamed mirror shield industry following big-cap index fund!

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