It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Fat — Or IS It?

Are you prepared to take RESPONSIBILITY?

Melanie Rockett
Jun 29 · 6 min read

If you look up the phrase “It’s Not Your Fault” on Google you’ll find hundreds of articles that want to place the blame on someone else.

Here’s some scary stats for you:

In 1962 only 13% of the US population was obese.

In 2010 it was over 35%.


According to an American Medical Association statement from late in 2018 … “The nation’s obesity rate is approaching 40 percent.”

The obesity trend is not just in North America. According to Time Magazine ..

“The global obesity epidemic continues, and a new report shows that about two billion people worldwide are overweight or obese. That’s about 30% of the world’s population.”

Are YOU part of those statistics? Are you fat? Are you overweight? Are you obese? Morbidly obese?

What’s scary is that this has implications for our OWN health as well as the far reaching implications of a health care system that will no longer be able to cope with the costs and the epidemic of overweight.

Is Being Overweight OUR Fault?

Well, Yes it is …

Basically everything that goes into our mouths, is OUR choice!

  • No one is making us eat more and more.
  • No one is forcing us eat processed, refined products filled with sugar and high carb fillers.
  • No one is stopping us from going on a diet.
  • No one prevents us from doing our own research and becoming educated food consumers.
  • No one is stopping us from going on a diet that works, or developing our own healthy eating plan.
  • No one is stopping us from STOPPING and reading the labels.
  • No one is preventing us from learning what the heck those food labels mean. What IS all that stuff and how does it impact our bodies and our health?

What ISN’T Our Fault?

  • The gross and unethical manipulation by BIG food companies who take advantage of us, playing tricks with our minds and our bodies.
  • The constant barrage of “good for you messages” we see and hear on a daily almost minute by minute basis.
  • The grocery stores that use psychological techniques to get you to buy garbage — lots of it.
  • The fact that many “foods” never make us feel full.
  • The governments that subsidize food that is downright dangerous to us.
  • The governments that spend billions of dollars on developing food guides and food labels that don’t work.
  • The governments that spend billions of dollars on after the fact health care vs health education.

Yes, I DO believe there are Big Food, Big Pharma Conspiracies!

The reality is … processed foods don’t make us feel full in the same way as real foods do. There used to be a potato chip commercial that bragged that you can’t eat only one. My question is … One what? One chip? Try again … you can eat a whole BAG of potato chips and not feel full … not even near full.

And the food companies know it.

In fact they engineer their products that way. And the absolute worse thing? They use KIDS as guinea pigs.

The jargon is satiety — that means a feeling of fullness.

Try eating three potatoes. About same size as a small potato chip bag. You probably can’t do it.

Whole foods make us feel full. Products pretending to be food don’t.

Here’s an example:

A “party size” bag of Lay’s original potato chips contains 160 calories a serving with 15 servings in the bag. The whole bag contains 2,400 calories. Let’s say you ate ONLY half of it = 1200 calories.

Here’s a real potato with some extras. Real broccoli and cheese sauce. Yum. You could have THREE of these = 1200 calories.

Image courtesy of

The manufacturers of fake food products want us to eat more, and they want us to believe that low-fat, ready-made meals and all the other junk they sell are perfectly healthy alternatives to cooking from scratch. The more YOU eat, the more $$$$ THEY make.

A lot of other industries appear to be in on the deception. For example, the clothing industry. They are normalizing being overweight. They’re using bigger and bigger mannequins in shop windows. They’re changing the labeling of clothing so that you think you are wearing a small or a medium shirt, when a few years back it was actually a large.

“Small” used to be as small as you could go … but now you see XS up to XXXS. Did we miss something? Did the population all of a sudden get smaller? Yeah SURE!

The BIG FOOD companies are trying to disguise the fact that we are getting fatter and fatter at the same time as their wallets get fatter and fatter.

Be very clear about this …

Food Companies are our ENEMY.

From loading our foods with sugar and marketing soda to our children these companies aren’t interested in your health. They’re just interested in taking the dollars from your pocket and they will do anything to get them. If it means putting over half of the population at risk of illness and premature death, that’s OK because all they want is your money! Besides BIG PHARMA works with them. A growing population of diabetics means more and more money! The whole idea is to MAKE you fat and sick.

Andy Bellatti MS, RD wrote an excellent article on granola bars. They may not be as healthy as you think!

It’s criminal and it’s time it ended.

It’s time we start to stand up and take responsibility.

It’s time to ENGAGE your brain. It’s time to start thinking and learning about what you eat. It’s time to take CHARGE of your eating.

It’s time to vote with your dollars.

So, while I took you off the responsibility hook for a very short while, I am now putting you BACK on it.

It IS your fault you are overweight. Accept it. GET OVER IT and DO SOMETHING about it.

Here’s three small steps you can take to get started:

🔑 Learn how to read food labels, and learn what those unpronounceable words mean.

Did you know there are 61 different ways to disguise sugar on a food label?

🔑 Get educated.

For example, watch this video about the dangers of sugar. Warning, it is scary!

There are dozens of great documentaries on food and food related illnesses. Get them on Netflix or Youtube. Many of them are free.

Read these two books (you just may understand why I believe in Big Food, Big Pharma conspiracies)

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

The Case Against Sugar

🔑 Reduce the amount of sugar you are ingesting. You can go on a sugar detox regime (which is NOT fun or pretty) or you can slowly wean yourself off sugar over months or even years. Just DECIDE and get started.

There’s a lot more you can do, but the three steps listed above will set you off in the right direction and are all you need to get started.

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Melanie Rockett has been a freelance writer for over 40 years. About 15 years aso she was diagnosed with Diabetes — and began a long journey of discovery. Today she lives a sugar-free life and has lost 120 pounds. Her website is all about living sugar-free and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Melanie Rockett

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Freelance writer for 40+ years. Blogs at (How To Sell More Books) and (Living A Sugar Free Life)


Your guide to living a SUGAR FREE low-carb lifestyle.

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