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Why Choose Coconut Water?

Coconut water has a refreshing taste and is filled with naturally occurring electrolytes and high levels of potassium.

Melanie Rockett
Sep 9 · 3 min read

What Is Coconut Water?

Slightly sweet and incredibly refreshing, coconut water is the clear liquid that is found inside young, green coconuts. It is packed full of nutrients such as potassium, naturally occurring electrolytes (goodby Gatorade), is low in carbohydrates and calories and is one of the best and most healthy alternatives to sugary drinks and fruit juices.

Many people swear by it for accelerated weight loss. Athletes use it during and after workout sessions.

How Do You Store Coconut Water?

Much like any other packaged drink product, you can store it in a cool dark pantry or the fridge. Once opened, drink within 24 to 72 hours. Note: it is not a good idea to leave opened cans in the refrigerator … tetra packs and closed bottles are OK.

How Is Coconut Water Used?

While coconut water is best known for its hydrating effects, it is much more than a cool and refreshing drink. Packed full of electrolytes, it is a great way to revitalize after a hard session at the gym. A small bottle contains more potassium than a banana without adding a lot of carbs.

It’s an easy way to pack flavor, vitamins and nutrients into a smoothie. By replacing fruit juice with Coconut Water you will reduce the amount of sugars and carbs in your smoothies while adding valuable nutrients and electrolytes.

In the kitchen Coconut Water can add sweetness and complexity without adding calories, it’s an all round perfect way to add flavor without feeling guilty. Try it in your salad dressing, smoothies and marinades. Want to add an exotic flavor to your coffee? Make your next cup or pot by replacing ordinary water with Coconut Water.

Try using Coconut Water is your sauces, curries and soups. Use it when you are cooking rice, bulgar or quinoa.

How Do You Buy Coconut Water?

The best way to drink coconut water straight from a coconut. For most of us that will only happen on a tropical island holiday!

The reality is, Coconut Water is now a multi-million dollar industry. You can find it anywhere from convenience and grocery stores to the Big Box stores such as Costco. When buying in a store BE SURE to read the label because some brands are packed with flavorings and sugar. The whole idea of Coconut Water is to cut the sugar OUT of your diet!

Look for 100% coconut water, flash pasteurized. Make sure there is no ADDED sugar. Fresh coconut water has a small amount of naturally occurring fruit sugar. If you can, avoid products made from concentrates … because they normally have additional added chemicals.

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elanie Rockett has been a freelance writer for over 40 years. About 15 years ago she was diagnosed with Diabetes — and began a long journey of discovery. Today she lives a sugar-free life and has lost 120 pounds. Her website is all about living sugar-free and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Your guide to living a SUGAR FREE low-carb lifestyle.

Melanie Rockett

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Freelance writer for 40+ years. Blogs at (How To Sell More Books) and (Living A Sugar Free Life)


Your guide to living a SUGAR FREE low-carb lifestyle.

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