What’s Your Personal MRR?

Mar 27 · 3 min read

MRR is top of mind for every SAAS on the planet. What if you don’t run a startup, what if you don’t even want to? There should be another way to gain a personal MRR without leaving your job or mortgaging your dog.

What is one superpower of a Facebook (aside from inventing a category, and weaponizing data 🙊)? I believe it’s the set of components available to every Facebook engineer to build state of the art products faster than they would be able to anywhere else. As a new kind of collective, I believe SugarKubes could enable this same kind of effect through a loose collaboration between a larger number of people than Facebook could ever hire.

Think about this for a moment. If 1,000 developers joined SugarKubes all contributing amazingly documented, high-quality containers, not only would those developers be able to make some personal MRR, but as a collective, each and every developer would benefit from the work of another.

This concept doesn’t have a name yet other than a collective, though I imagine a name will form. Perhaps it can be some kind of co-opetition wherein each developer is a kind of competitor towards one another until they realize that they could collude to get a better outcome

An example of this would be 2 people building containers on Sugar, one person does a front end and the other does a back end. They collude to sell the package as a bundle where the price of both together is more than just the individual containers due to their utility together. This outcome is better for both parties (each makes more than they could on their own) and each only does half the work they would have if they went at it alone.

Enter SugarKubes

Ahh… circles

Exempting consumer applications, business buy solutions to real problems. Agreed? Great. So the question becomes finding real problems to solve. I don’t believe there needs to be that much innovation in a tech startup. If you invent something too new, you spend most of your time just explaining what the hell the thing is as opposed to what it can do for them. I’ve been building (also selling) an AI solution for 4 years and we still have to do a remarkable amount of education before we can close a deal. Groundbreaking technological advances? Nah, let’s just go solve real problems.

Finding Real Problems

This is one of the most important aspects of SugarKubes. Finding real problems with enough pain that people will pay for a solution. Sometimes they’re simple, sometimes they’re hard but everyone with a job has something about that job that is painful. Can software solve it? That’s what we aim to find out.

When you join SugarKubes you not only get access to dozens of fundamental building blocks to build products, but you also get access to real problems from real people.

Building Real Solutions

This is the fun part. When you gain access to all the containers on the platform, you will be able to pull from state of the art machine learning models and other tools to help get a solution to market quickly.

Once the ‘beta’ is functional, Sugar will help intro you to the right person interested in solving this problem.

Sugar solves the zero to one problem.


  • Don’t build without a customer asking for it.
  • Combinatorial innovation is enough at the beginning
  • Unix philosophy for products. The simpler the better.

As feedback and experience grow the above will get filled out into more concrete concepts and steps. I’d welcome any feedback you have on the concept and of course would love for you to check us out at sugarkubes.io.

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