A better consultation experience

One thing that became evident as we added more specialties to our platform is how uncomfortable it is to hold your phone during a longer video consultation with a medical professional. These can be consultations for nutrition, dermatology, mental health, or even just a regular checkup.

One way to ease the discomfort of holding your phone up is to use a computer. Since we don’t have a full desktop experience for patients right now, we used this as an opportunity as our first step to a full desktop experience.

The experience of chatting with a nurse for triage, setting up an appointment, and starting a new video consult is the same. What’s new is that once a patient is in a video consult, they can choose to switch to their desktop.

  1. The patient received the video call from the medical professional they are consulting with.
  2. The patient would accept the call and see the video on their phone (as usual).
  3. Here they can choose to switch to their desktop using the desktop icon which shows instructions and a code to enter

On their computer, the patient would go to the indicated URL, and enter the code they see on their phone.

And voila! The video starts on their computer. They can now comfortably have their video consultation without the discomfort of holding their phone.

In fact, the video switches over to their desktop so their phone is now free for them to use. They can see that the video is in progress, but they can also look at their medical history in the app, send messages and photos in the chat without leaving the video consultation.