A Platform for our Medical Team

An important part of our product is the platform our medical team uses to care for patients. Below is an overview of the latest iteration of that platform.

Common dashboard view for all healthcare professionals. This shows incoming patients who are messaging the healthcare team, those that the health care professional is currently treating, and patients that have had a consultation and waiting for a quick followup.
As the conversation progresses, the chat area fills up. On the right is a summary of things sent to the patient (such as a care plan after a consultation, prescriptions, etc). The side bar on the left allows nurses to quickly switch between patients as they’re chatting.
For a doctor, they would be focusing on one patient at a time, which means they don’t need the side bar with the list of patients. They can collapse it and see the full patient’s profile (something nurses wouldn’t need visible all the time since they’re caring for the same patients over a period of several days).
Finally, when a video consultation is needed, it can be started by a medical professional right from the chat page.