Finding Friends on Kik

A very important feature we have on Kik is the ability for users to find their friends from their phone contacts. We know that if users find a few close friends within their first week on Kik, they are much more likely to stay long term. So, we decided to improve our flows to help users find friends right away.

We’ve been doing a series of AB tests before rolling out a feature to all our users. So we decided to improve the flow and implemented 2 AB tests in different areas of the app.

The Problem

This is the current flow a user goes through for registration and finding their friends. Essentially there is a dialog that appears that prompts users to upload their address book in order to be matched up with friends already on Kik. The dialogs work to some degree but are confusing and uninviting. On Android specifically, the dialogs are old, outdated, and don’t match the UI of the rest of the app.

Old onboarding flow for finding friends on Android.
Old onboarding flow for finding friends on iOS.

If a user decides to opt-out in the registration flow, they can still opt-in post-registration, but it’s not an easy task. The option is buried in the app settings, in a place that doesn’t make a lot of sense, with wording that is pretty confusing.

Old flow for finding friends post-registration on iOS.

The AB Tests

We designed, implemented, and ran 2 separate AB tests to improve both flows described above.

1. Registration Flow — We redesigned the Find Friends dialog on Android in the registration flow. There is now a clear call to action, as well as a fun illustration and clearer text.

New “Find Friends” design during registration on Android.

2. Post-Registration Opt-in — On iOS, we moved the “Use Phone Contacts” option to the “Find People” screen. This makes the option more visible to users looking to find people to chat with, and the wording is now clear.

New “Find Friends” design post-registration on iOS.

The Results

What we found was no change in the Android test (on registration). The opt-in rate stayed the same on Android, but this allowed us to update the app to the new design, without worrying about a negative impact on users.

For the second test, where we added the Phone Contacts option in the Find friends flow, we had a considerable increase in opt-ins. What we found was that when users want to opt-in after opting-out in registration, they can now easily find the option and turn it on.

Final Design

After the AB tests, we decided to implement these two designs on both platforms. The complete designs are below.

Click through the prototype to see the complete Android design.
New “Find Friends” design on Android during registration.
New “Find Friends” design on Android post-registration.
New “Find Friends” design on iOS during registration.
New “Find Friends” design on iOS post-registration.