Illustration Work

A compilation of the illustration and iconography I’ve created over the years.

Patient App Illustrations

Illustrations I created for various screens in the Dialogue patient app. There were quite a few empty screens where we prompted users to add content or take action. These illustrations accompanies those actions.

Empty state illustrations for the patient app.
Older illustrations in the introduction screens. We ended up removing these screens in a later iteration.

Ice Pop Smileys

A smiley pack I created for the Summer. These smileys are available in the Smiley Shop on Kik. The Shop is a place for users to browse and buy smileys, which they can then use in conversations ☺

You can view the full set below, along with screenshots from the app.

The Ice Pop Smileys and accompanying banner.
How the Smileys are presented in the Smiley Shop on Kik.

Developer Icons

Some small icons I made a while ago for the mobile version of our Kik Developer site. Most made it in; some didn’t fit but were fun to make!

Icons for our developer site.

Design Illustrations

I gave a presentation to students interested in design and looking for co-op jobs/internships. I talked about what they can do to improve their applications and get employers to look at their work. Attached are the slides I made for the presentation with illustrations to accompany my talk. A written version of my talk is here:

Illustrations used in the slides to accompany my talk.


An illustration I worked on a while ago for a banner. Alas, the banner was never used, but I got a cool piece of art out of it!

A simplified typewriter illustration