We just launched Jam, a chat-based community for music lovers to connect with each other. This is our first exploration into the music space, using chat as a platform. As such, we’ve focused on creating a simple way to meet new friends based on similar music interests.

Check it out on Kik (chat with “music”), or click around the prototype below for a taste of how it works.


Below is a quick preview of the different parts of the app. The main page is where fans can find profiles of their favorite artists (they can browse the popular list or search for their names on the homepage). Next is the Artist profile page with rich content (photos, videos, artist bios, and links to buy merchandise and tickets to upcoming show) that a user can engage with and share with their friends. And finally, we have a page dedicated to fans, where they can check-in and chat with each other.


The branding went through a couple iterations as we figured out what we wanted to focus on. The left is the first iteration, and we ultimately went with the branding on the right. The final branding merges the two concepts of music and chat in a unique and fun way.



We did a soft launch for Jam since it’s still pretty experimental. We still have a lot to do and wanted to test it out and get data before an official release. However we still got some good press coverage: