Movie Night

This is a concept for a movie service on Kik where users can see which movies are playing nearby, plan a movie night with friends, and get great deals on movie tickets and food at the theatre.

I only had about a day to mock this up and put the prototype together, so it’s a bit rough around the edges and is missing a couple screens. Click around the screens below!

Click around the prototype :)


When you first open up Movie Night, you’re shown a grid of movies playing in theatres nearby. The focus here is on the movie posters, which are shown in a simple grid that the user can scroll through.

Clicking on a movie takes you to the details page about the movie, with an emphasis on viewing the movie trailer. Because this app is meant to help users plan a movie night with friends, there are options to change theatres, select movie times, and create a chat with friends. A list of deals applicable to this movie is available at the bottom of the screen.

Deals & Saved

On the home page, there are two icons that take the user to the Deals and Saved pages. On the Deals page, you can see a list of Movie Deals which you can redeem in theatres. The Saved page, is where the movies and deals you’ve favourited, or chatted about with friends, appear for quick access. So when you’re in the theatre, purchasing a ticket or snacks, you can quickly find the information you need.

Other pages

Since there won’t always be deals, and definitely won’t be any saved items when the user first uses Movie Night, I included some empty states below.

This concept has since been revisited by a different designer (who I worked with) and has gone through many changes and iterations. You can see it by chatting with “movienight” in Kik :)