Smiley Shop

The design for a smiley shop that I created a while ago. It’s a place for users to browse and buy smileys, which they can then use in conversations.

The Theme

This is the basic theme that is used when there’s no holiday or season to celebrate (or when there is a pack released that doesn’t have a theme attached to it). The “Sloth Smiles” pack was made by @Katherine Diemert.


This was the first custom theme created for the shop. We had a skull pack to release and figured we’d have some fun with the shop theme. The Grimace smileys were made by The Noun Project.


For the winter, we had 3 packs planned that spanned the winter and Christmas holiday seasons. We also had a few animations added, including the awning swinging in the wind and snow falling. This was also the first time we had “Limited Edition” packs, where users could only purchase the smileys for a limited time. In addition to the shop theme, I created the “Santa’s Helpers” smiley pack. The “Bernard” smileys were made by @Katherine Diemert.


The latest theme (which is currently in the shop) is the summer theme. Complete with the beach, a crab, and sand castle. Along with the theme, I created the “Ice Pop” smileys, just in time for the summer!