My trip to Alexandria, December 2014

On the way there

We departed from Terminal 6 at Pearson International Airport on a stormy night. The plane was delayed around 3 hours. We waited in the airport, switched terminals, waited on the plane, waited on the runway, waited as the plane was de-iced, and finally took off at 3am.


The Corniche is a walkway right on the sea, a mere 10 minute walk from our grandmother’s apartment. Summer in Canada was pretty cold this year, so needless to say I missed the beach and went for a walk as often as I could.

Sports Club

Old Buildings

Home base

Details from my grandmother’s apartment. She has a lot of antiques and sewing related nick-nacks. There’s also a picture of my great grandmother.

Greek Club

Spent a day with a few friends we hadn’t seen in years. Went to the Greek Club, a restaurant on the waterfront overlooking Alexandria’s coastline. We sat outside in the fresh air, ate lots of fish, and caught up on life.

Mohammed Ahmed

A staple in Alexandria is the restaurant of Mohammed Ahmed (which happens to be owned by our extended relatives (uncle’s father-in-law to be exact). We went for breakfast and devoured the food.


Mamoura Beach


Sports Club

On the way home

I think for the next few months, I will miss the warm weather the most.