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The headquarters team at Suite 1984 Publishing House is happy to announce we are accepting new writer applications for our family of publications: The Memoirist, The Narrative Collective, QuickTalk, The Press Box, The Mayhem, and Songstories.

A Quick Reminder of What We’re Looking for at Each Publication

  • The Memoirist. We are a super-niche publication featuring memoirs only. We are open to most writers, including new writers on the Medium platform.
  • The Narrative Collective. We feature established essayists and humorists. We publish personal and humor essays, professional writing tips, and writer interviews. Acceptance to the publication is highly selective.
  • QuickTalk. QuickTalk is a publication about the writing experience on Medium. It’s a place to find writing tips and advice, spotlights on your favorite publications and writers, and weekly fireside chats (interviews) with other writers.
  • The Press Box. The Press Box (TPB) is our newly-launched Sports-focused publication. We publish tributes, memories, fan mail, game reviews, and commentaries. If you have a sports story to tell, The Press Box is your megaphone. We are currently seeking writers and editors to join the team. Must have an interest in and knowledge of sports, and be an established Medium writer.
  • Songstories. Songstories is a publication to share the experiences and memories central to the music we listen to.

[9/7/22—NOTE: Suite 1984 Publications has been dissolved. Please refer to each individual publication for guidelines and information on requesting to be a writer. If the publication has not yet updated its guidelines, you may want to leave a private message for the publisher. Thank you!]




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KiKi Walter

KiKi Walter

Snarky Megalomaniac, Pub Pirate, & The Memoir Queen. My Pubs: The Memoirist, The Narrative Collective, Songstories, Quicktalk, The Writing Pub, and The Mayhem.