Creating Music Videos from GIFs

GIFs are awesome and live within the same realm of emojis: useful delighters ✨ that perform very well in communications. But how can we make GIFs better? Sound! 🔊 Sound adds yet another depth to this format and in turn performs well on your social presences.

First, find a solid GIF on Giphy which fits the subject of your sound.

  • Maybe you’ve got a new song about DNA? This GIF could work.
  • Or a podcast about the Playoffs? How about this? 🏀
  • How about an event you’re hosting this summer? Perfect. 🏖

Then you need to add audio to it. Well that’s where Artwork comes in. Artwork is a simple browser-based application which combines images and audio into videos. Up until recently, tons of users were using the app to create music videos out of static images but today we’re rolling out a test of animated images also. 🐁

Once you’re signed up to the free trial on Artwork, it’s time to create a video from your GIF. I suggest preparing an MP3 which is less than 60 seconds in duration since Instagram will cap you there anywhere. Once you have your GIF and MP3 ready, go here and do the following:

  1. Add your GIF
  2. Add your MP3
  3. Click “Save”
  4. Wait for it to process
  5. Download it
  6. Share it! 🙌🏻

That’s it! If all goes well, you’ll have a killer new music video like this. If not… sorry! Just drop me a line and I’ll dig into any issues.

Thanks for trying Artwork!

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