180M SUKU Tokens Allocated to InfiniteWorld to Augment Web3 Adoption

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2 min readJun 24, 2022


In our mission to accelerate the adoption of real web3, one that is interoperable, frictionless, and decentralized, InfiniteWorld is a crucial piece to accomplish that goal.

Citizens Reserve’s Suku gave birth to InfiniteWorld in 2021 to help brands get into Web3 through infrastructure and services. Since then, InfiniteWorld has grown fast, enabling us to build technology for large companies and bringing them closer to Suku’s goal of accelerating the adoption of a decentralized web.

Let’s go through three of the numerous opportunities this partnership introduces for both Suku and InfiniteWorld:

Firstly, InfiniteWorld can help Suku connect the web3 communities, brands, and creators they work with. Secondly, InfiniteWorld brings unique technology to power X-to-Earn (sm) models and can also provide incentives through its different platforms. Lastly, as Suku strives to onboard users into Web3, these could end up using InfiniteWorld systems and platforms.

The opportunities for synergies are significant. At Suku, we feel this is a great time to give InfiniteWorld a powerful tool to augment utility and enhance decentralization on their systems through SUKU.

The 180M tokens were distributed equally from the trading and technology partner buckets, focused on enhancing user and technology development adoption, and will follow the same distribution schedule as the rest of the tokens.

We are very excited about the opportunities this new phase will open to both Suku and InfiniteWorld.

Thanks for being with us on this journey,
The Suku 🟢 Team

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