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A piece of Future: InfiniteWorld joins Grammy-nominated artist BT for his new album METAVERSAL

There are plenty of misconceptions about NFTs: “They are nothing more than image files that can be easily copied by anyone on the Internet” or “NFTs are bad for the environment”. But in reality, there’s much more into this new billion-dollar industry that already captured the attention and that it’s being adopted by some serious adoption by artists, companies, and sports organizations.

At InfiniteWorld, SUKU’s NFT and Metaverse business unit, we can proudly say that we were part of an amazing experiment that blends music, art, tech, and above all, purpose.

Here’s a brief of our exciting partnership with BT, the grammy-nominated artist that keeps shaking the industry. BT started challenging art ever since he appeared in the mid-90s and made a huge impact with releases such as Loving You More and Embracing The Sunshine. He is a pioneer of the Trance and IDM genres, a classically trained symphonic composer, a Grammy-nominated artist with 25 years of creating, changing, defying music in different scenes.

In may 2021, BT stepped into the NFT world, composing music for a digital piece of artwork called “SUNESCAPE XXI” and later auctioning off another installation called “Genesis.json” that playbacks 24 hours of original music that contains an Indian raga and 15,000 hand-sequenced audio and visual moments. Genesis.json was sold for 88.8 ETH.

Metaversal is BT’s 14th and most recent album release, also being the first album created as a programmatic blockchain experience. It’s made of beautiful audio-reactive art, music that adapts to time, and a collection of physical fine art sculptures from the audio waveforms of the songs themselves.

The record can be experienced through a blockchain-based decentralized application (dApp), while the engine follows the lunar cycle and plays back the album differently in three modes: day, night, and during the full moon, depending on your local time and location.

The album’s collection of 11 handmade 3D-printed, fine art sculptures, is created from the true audio waveforms of each song. Each sculpture contains an embedded NFC tag developed by InfiniteWorld that binds the physical object to its digital equivalent living on the blockchain.

“I believe blockchain technologies will liberate the arts and free artists of all stripes to be able to release meaningful media at will and be celebrated and remunerated fairly. It’s a miracle that in our lifetime it’s possible to combine creative coding, digital treasure hunting, cryptography, art, and music into a single unified project. […]”
– BT

Metaversal is more of an experience than an album and here at SUKU, we are more than ecstatic to be part of this industry-changing project. It was released as a tiered auction on Origin Protocol on October 1st, 2021 — with the 1 of 1 playback software engine for Metaversal being auctioned with a Lago Frame and Golden Ticket NFT and there were also 11 one-of-one auctions for the song NFTS partnered with their coordinated physical sculpture through the InfiniteWorld tag.

Metaversal has been released in audio format today on Apple Music. Add it to your libraries here.

And last but not at all least, thank you BT for trusting SUKU and InfiniteWorld on this mind-blowing experiment! We’re looking forward to the next one. Cheers!

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SUKU is an ecosystem of blockchain-based Web3 solutions designed to empower innovative Brands & Creators to engage with their audiences in entirely new ways and in both physical and virtual worlds, including the Metaverse.
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Web3 tools designed to empower innovative Brands & Creators to engage with their audience in entirely new ways and places, including the Metaverse.

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The SUKU Team

The SUKU Team

Web3 tools designed to empower innovative Brands & Creators to engage with their audience in entirely new ways and places, including the Metaverse.

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