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Suku Worldwide is a collaborative two-week photography event where participants find unique ways to include Suku’s Orb 🟢 in pictures and post them on one or more social media platforms to win cool NFTs from our ecosystem partners.

  1. Snap your best pic with the Suku Orb 🟢
  2. Share it on social media & tag Suku
  3. Participate to Win NFTs

At Suku, we aim to bring communities together and connect them, unlocking novel experiences and incentives to fuel web3’s growth. That aim has led us to launch Suku Worldwide, a collaborative two-week photography event & competition where participants find creative ways to include the Suku Orb in photos.

🟢 How does Suku Worldwide work?

Participation is easy. Simply use your phone, tablet`, or another device to display the Suku Orb while taking a selfie or standard photo. You can even print it if you want. In addition, we’ve included some cool downloadable wallpapers you can use.

Alternative methods

  • Print a copy of the Suku Orb onto paper and display it the same way you would with a device.
  • Create your own original piece of art, including the Suku Orb 🟢, and display it in your photo.
  • Use a photo editor to add the Suku Orb 🟢 to an existing picture (but make sure the image belongs to you)

Have a different method? Go for it. Participation should only be limited by your own creativity.

🤳 How to submit photos?

Suku Worldwide will run for two weeks on three social media platforms. Each platform will feature an exclusive NFT prize from the collections of our ecosystem partners that can only be won by posting on that platform. The same photo can be entered to win on each of the three platforms with no limit to entering new photos.

Please follow these instructions to submit your photos:

For Twitter

Post your pictures with the caption “My submission for the #SukuWorldwide photography competition”. Make sure to include #SukuWorldwide and tag us at @Suku_world, so we record your entry!

Extra credit: add the location and/or a description of the photo you’re posting.

For Discord

Add your photo to the #suku-worldwide channel. Optional: add a description and/or location of the photo.

For Instagram

Share your picture in a Story with #SukuWorldwide and tag us @suku_world

For our Telegram maxis

Don’t worry, we got you 💪. Just tag any admin in one of our Telegram communities, and they’ll add your pics to the #suku-worldwide Discord channel on your behalf!

⁉️ FAQ

How much time do I have to submit photos?

Suku Worldwide will run for two weeks. We’ll accept submissions until Tuesday, 25 October.

How will we pick winners?

Voting will be split between the Suku Team internally and the community through an open vote on our Discord server and Telegram channel. Photos will be judged based on creativity, uniqueness, scenery, and any iconic landmarks featured.

For example, If you happen to live in a city like San Francisco, you could include the Golden Gate bridge as the backdrop in your photo, or if you live somewhere with beautiful Fall foliage, capture it in your picture. A winning picture could even be taken in the comfort of your living room with a creative setup!

What are the prizes?

Below are the three lit NFTs you can win.

How to increase your chances of winning?

There’s no limit to submissions, so to increase your chances of winning and qualifying for each of the three prizes, share pics on all three platforms.


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