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Welcome to our December Newsletter!

As we close one fantastic year, full of challenges and accomplishments, in this last breath of 2021, we are still taking it above and beyond. For example, our announcement of merging with our long-time partner DreamView! Read about our merger and other epic news to wrap up this year below.

Let’s go!

🤝 InfiniteWorld + DreamView

InfiniteWorld recently combined with one of its key strategic partners, DreamView, Inc.

DreamView was founded in 2016 by the same visionaries who pioneered computer-generated imagery (“CGI”) technologies at Lucasfilm and Disney. The technology utilized in DreamView’s visual effects and 3D art forms are the same as major blockbuster films, brand campaigns, sporting events, and other major consumer engagement events. DreamView’s mission to drive innovative solutions for creating, managing, distributing, licensing, and monetizing clients’ products as clients transition into the digital world will continue under InfiniteWorld.

Leading the combined company will be Chief Executive Officer Yonathan Lapchik, SUKU co-creator, and Chief Operating Officer Nathaniel Hunter, a visionary leader and creator in the CGI and 3D content production space and former CEO of DreamView.

Read the official press release here >

💎 Seva.Love is finally live

Recently on Medium, we shared our Infinite Marketplaces client, Seva.Love and their mission to bring #NFTsforGood.

A marketplace created to empower global actions that benefit society, Seva.Love connects artists, philanthropists, brands, and change-makers alike to build a community around causes that matter.

Seva.Love launched on November 30th with the long-awaited drop from Emilia Clarke’s brain health foundation SameYou, bringing over XXX new community members.

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📰 Press Hits

• Value Creation In The Metaverse: A Utility Framework For NFTs on FORBES.

We are on a mission to pave a bright future where the Metaverse embraces several aspects of people’s lives. Nonetheless, while we continue our journey, there is some time until everyone gets on board.

In this Forbes article, SUKU’s Head of Music and Metaverse methodologist, Jeremy Gilbertson, shares a set of fundamental principles for NFTs to dive into a tonal center for the process of evaluating its most talked-about component: Utility.

Read the full article >

• Three minutes to understand the SUKU Ecosystem and their NFT platform InfiniteWorld on TechFlow.

This article was originally published in the Chinese blockchain industry information site TechFlow and presents a big picture of what SUKU, the SUKU Ecosystem, and InfiniteWorld are and what we’ve been doing in the past months.

Special thanks to our international communities for supporting and cheering on SUKU since the beginning!

If you are fluent in Chinese, here’s the full TechFlow article >

• NFC Brings SUKU OMNI to Boutique Tequila Brand, OTACA

Southern California spirits company OTACA Tequila has released its first brand of tequila in a smart bottle that employs NFC Technology functionality to help it engage with customers and track products.

By building an NFC tag into each bottle top, and by tracing data with SUKU OMNI technology, the company says it can take its customers through the story of its product, including harvesting, distilling and long-term plans.

Read the full article here >

📣 Campaigns/Initiatives

· SUKU Trivia

On the first week of December, our Twitter followers participated in a fun trivia of 8 questions for the chance of winning US$100.

Stay tuned for future trivia and prizes!

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• The One Million Dollar NFT Airdrop winners!

One of our most exciting giveaways to date, the sparkling 3,500 Gold Membership winners, was announced on November 30th through email and a published winners list on our subreddit.

This week, all winners can redeem their NFT prizes upon login.

Happy Redeeming!

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🚀 New Content Published

· A piece of Future: InfiniteWorld joins Grammy-nominated artist BT for his new album METAVERSAL

With music becoming more synonymous with NFTs, we are so excited to be a part of BT’s album launch, Metaversal. The launch was the last step of BT’s multi-platform experience for his fans.

Early this year, a series of 11 3D printed sculptures were created based on each track’s audio waves and built with an InfiniteWorld NFC tag connecting them with each of the songs. Beautiful and Incredible.

Read the full article >

💫 Events

• LA Blockchain Summit

In early November, we participated in the LA Blockchain Summit. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Euan Macdonald, was part of a fascinating panel about The Future of Human Connection & Experiences in the Metaverse.

Watch the entire panel >

• Live Telegram AMA

Are you a part of our Telegram family? Well, you should be because we hosted our first live AMA on Telegram. Preparing for it was only half the fun; interacting with our community was an unforgettable experience beyond expectations. Alongside our Marketing Lead, Alejo Escrivá, our CEO, Yonathan Lapchik, spent an evening chatting and answering the questions our community had sent in. We are currently planning our next AMA, so be sure to join our Telegram community to participate.

Watch the full LIVE AMA >

• InfiniteWorld sponsored DeCentral Miami

Mentioning Miami to anyone in December, the conversation turns to art. Well, forget about the beach and Art Basel; we flew to the sunshine state to head over to DCentral Miami, the largest NFT + defi conference in history.

Some highlights of the conference were meeting our community at the InfiniteWorld booth and participating in panels about Building Communities, Creating NFTs for Big Brands, and The Role of NFTs for Luxury Fashion Brands.

Watch the Creating NFTs for Big Brands panel here >

Watch the The Role of NFTs for Luxury Fashion Brands panel here >

🆕 Product Updates

  • A new version of our SUKU Scanner has kicked off work in our labs. New functionality annoucements to come!
  • Significant changes are coming to our app by merging INFINITE Digital and INFINITE Physical infrastructures. This update means that if you have the InfiniteWorld mobile app, you will also see your Digital NFTs you hold at InfiniteWorld and not just physical items with our NFC Tags.

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