2021, Year in Review at SUKU

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2021 was a beast of a year here at SUKU and InfiniteWorld. One we’ll always remember because of the product growth and ecosystem maturation. We are excited to share here the summary of the highlights and accomplishments from 2021.

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We couldn’t have done this without you, our partners, clients, developers, and the community. So thank you for being part of our journey!

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💎 Highlights

  • Launched V1 and V2 of our InfiniteWorld marketplace
  • We implemented our platforms on Hedera and became part of their family
  • InfniteWorld merged with DreamView
  • Announced InfiniteWorld’s merger with Aries
  • Launched Infinite’s App for product authentication
  • Launched a DeFi protocol at SUKU
  • Built a carbon-negative consortium
  • SUKU + CoinMarketCap NFT Campaign — 1.4 million participants

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⚡ Projects and achievements

  • Carbon-negative NFT Marketplace
  • Seva.Love + Emilia Clarke + InfiniteWorld
  • Calaxy + InfiniteWorld
  • Pour Les Femmes + SUKU
  • BT + SUKU
  • SUKU + Avery Dennison
  • Collaboration with JCB
  • Collaboration with OTACA Tequila
  • Collaboration with Hedera Hashgraph and Application Partners on Sustainability Working Group Key Initiatives

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📰 Press Hits

  • Best op-ed
  • Best Quote
  • Best panel
  • Coolest news
  • Best forecast

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🚀 Community growth

  • 10x’d + our community
  • Brand ambassadors
  • More

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