SUKU drops in Coin Hunt World, Round Two

Christmas is arriving early for Coin Hunters. Players from the UK and El Salvador will be able to earn SUKU tokens as rewards in this second round of Coin Hunt World + SUKU

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3 min readMar 15, 2022


We’re thrilled to announce that Coin Hunt World vaults in the United Kingdom & El Salvador will begin dropping SUKU tokens as of March 14th. So if you are in any of these two territories, don’t miss this chance to play and earn!

What is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World is a free-to-play/play-to-earn mobile Geo-location game that allows you to find keys in the real world to open vaults with rewards in the digital world of the game.

The Important Stuff

From March 16th to March 30th (UTC), hunters in El Salvador & UK will start noticing a couple of things:

1. White & Blue vaults will drop SUKU

  • Each white vault you solve will have a chance to drop up to $0.01 USD worth of SUKU.
  • Each blue vault you solve will have a chance to drop up to $0.10 USD worth of SUKU.

2. SUKU Vaults will appear

Special SUKU vaults will appear on the map. When you find these vaults, they take a green key and will ask you a question about SUKU. Get the question right and you will receive up to $2 USD worth of SUKU!

Not only that, but each SUKU Vault will also have a chance to drop the unique SUKU Cubie Blueprint! This rare Cubie BP will only drop in the special SUKU vaults during SUKU events, so get it while it lasts.
Look out for SUKU vaults!

3. SUKU Discord Mob

But wait, there’s more! For the Return of the SUKU, we have a special event that all hunters can participate in — IF you have a SUKU cubie!

Join us in the SUKU discord in their #suku-cubie channel and post a picture of your SUKU cubie on the leaderboards!

At the end of the event, a lucky SUKU wearer will win one red key!

Wear your SUKU cubie and post your leaderboard picture!

(One entry per player. The prize goes to the SUKU-wearing player in the winning screenshot.)

Successful hunters should be prepared and study up on SUKU knowledge so they can answer the SUKU trivia with ease.

To become a SUKU expert check out these resources:

Ready to have fun and bag some rewards? Happy Hunting!

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