SUKU Update: November 2018

October has been another productive month for Team SUKU! From securing partnerships to platform buildout, notable progress was made on several aspects of the SUKU Ecosystem.

One noteworthy achievement comes from our recent partnership announcement with node service provider, Blockdaemon. Together, our teams co-created custom architecture and processes, which allow users to launch a SUKU Node and onboard within minutes. You can read more about the partnership on CoinDesk and Finder.

Over the past month, the SUKU development team has been working diligently to enhance the SUKU Core, blockchain protocol, user interface, and much more! To exhibit our recent headway, we are gearing up for the first public SUKU Platform demo. It will provide a high-level overview of the SUKU Platform, showcasing features and functionality.

The demonstration will be held on November 12th at MarketWaves18 near Dallas, TX. Team members Mike Wheaton and Martin Kaczynski will be hosting a kiosk during the conference, where additional one-on-one demonstrations will be performed. Be sure to stop by if you are attending the conference!

From deeply-technical conferences to enterprise-focused events, the team spent time in October collaborating with a wide range of blockchain personalities. We traveled around the globe, connecting with the technical and business communities in blockchain.

Senior Blockchain Architect, Lucas Henning, who attended the developer-centric Trufflecon and Devcon4 conferences noted, “It’s incredible to see a group of 3000 highly technical and intelligent developers solving problems together. TruffleCon and DevCon4 have shown the immense potential and motivation of the Ethereum community. With a group like this, nothing is impossible.”

Over the last month, the team attended Blockcon, Trufflecon, Blockchain Shift, Money20/20, Crypto Invest Summit, Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Coinagenda, and Devcon4, as well as numerous global cities for discussions and collaborations. This included several several public presentations to help educate the community, such as Eric Piscini’s appearance on Nasdaq’s TradeTalks.

Meet Martin Kaczynski, our Director of Product and Operations, based out of the Atlanta office.

Martin has been involved in the blockchain space as an enthusiast since 2012, transitioning into a professional role during the second half of his tenure at Deloitte. Working within Deloitte’s Technology Consulting practice, Martin has led technology projects for multi-national, multi-industry clients. Martin’s projects ranged from traditional IT strategy and implementation engagements to blockchain consortium development, business case creation, and solution design.

These experiences have translated into his current role as Director of Product and Operations. “I recognize that managing our product strategy and roadmap is a critical element of our success. Moreover, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a team of motivated engineers to ensure the effective implementation of our product roadmap.”

Pictured above, on October 29th Martin participated in a Blockchain for Government Applications panel at the IoT Blockchain Summit in Atlanta, GA. “Georgia has one of the largest ports on the eastern seaboard and blockchain technology can transform the way that shipments are received and cleared. Moreover, it was a pleasure to share the stage with the Georgia ‘Blockchain’ Senator, Michael Williams, who believes that blockchain can transform the way the government engages businesses and citizens.”

Additionally, on November 16th, Martin will participate on a panel at the Petrochemical Supply Chain & Logistics conference, which is North America’s largest petrochemical supply chain and logistics conference. “I’m excited to engage key industry participants in the oil and gas industry as I believe that SUKU can reduce overhead costs, increase end-to-end transparency, and provide the opportunity for new business engagements by digitizing products and contracts throughout the oil supply chain.”

In his spare time, Martin enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife Katrinna and two daughters, Avery (4) and Leah (2).

In the near future, members of our team will be presenting or in attendance at the following events:

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