Nothing significant will happen:
In the Spring there will be rain
Cherries will blossom
The earth will be soaked with its urine
There will be weddings
New graves will be dug
Nothing significant will happen

Frightened mass-media will talk
About the latest provocations of the god Mars
While in the big cinemas of the city
The film “A Day Later” for the hundredth time will be shown

Nothing significant will happen:
All day long, at the top of the rubbish tip
With his monotonous song
A rooster will announce “The night of Anxiety”
People stuck in the spider’s web
Will wait for the sky to clear
And the wounds to heal

I will know everything
I will see everything
Nothing significant will happen
For the daily newspapers to report
Or for chronicle writers to write in their chronicles

The fear is the simplicity of the day, like bread, water and air

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