Staying Focused: IntoUniversity’s COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign

In order to raise further awareness, secure further funding and reach our aspirational target, we are organising a fundraising event, 100 for 100k, inviting people, either in a team or individually, to take on a challenge related to the number 100 throughout the month of August.

This can include

Or anything else you can think of!

The fundraised total will fill the gap of one of our IntoUniversity Brighton funders who had to withdraw their funding due to financial difficulty surrounding COVID-19, and will also go towards our Staying Focused £3 million total.

If you are interested in taking part in the fundraiser, please visit the ‘Fundraise for IntoUniversity’ page of our website.

We are extremely grateful for the continued commitment and support of our partners, even as times get tougher for us all.



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A national education charity based in the UK, providing local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve.