Summer Academy Personality and Leadership 2015

This year, it was a great honour to me to be part of the 2015 Summer Academy Personality and Leadership in Bremen and Berlin. I joined 41 highly talented individuals to get in touch with leaders and personalities from culture, business and politics in an exceptional personal way.

When I first heard about the Summer Academy through an email from one of my best friends I was instantly amazed by the content, videos and pictures shared on the Summer Academy’s website. Even though those were mainly about the previous year event, I knew that this was a special kind of forum for young people to participate.

You will meet a large number of exceptional people…

When I got my acceptance email and infos about the speakers we would be able to meet in Bremen and Berlin, I started to gather infos, think about personal aims and the path, I wanted my life to take in the future. I have to say: It was worth taking the time, I feel like reflecting on those kind of questions was what especially contributed to this academy being an awesome experience.

…listen to a number of interesting presentations…

Over the course of four intense and long days, I was able to meet not only very talented and inspiring students from various different fields of study or business but also to talk to a variety of high-class leaders I would not otherwise have gotten a chance to meet.

While listening to speaches by John B. Emerson, United States Ambassador to Germany and Mathias Döpfner, Chief Executive Officer of Axel Springer SE, we got the chance to personally talk to executives like Prof. Dr. Robert Blackburn, President of Information Services & Supply Chain Operations of BASF Group and former Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Dirk Niebel.

…participate in presentations, discussions, one-on-one sessions…
and talk about art and pictures by Heinz Felbermair.

Surprisingly enough, this year was only the third year the Summer Academy took place. Even though it is still a very young format, I have to say that I had not been to a such intense and thrilling event of this kind before.

If this sounds interesting to you or you could imagine yourself as a participant of next years Summer Academy of Personality and Leadership, be sure to find more infos on their website. I can only encourage you to apply!