Week 11: Polls

To initiate exploration into a visual identity, I explored typefaces that feel appropriate for my project. I narrowed to initial possibilities then laid them out in both title case and upper case. From there I narrowed further to my starred pairs. On a broad typeface level, I am leaning toward sans serif fonts to avoid feeling too traditional with serifs.


I also explored compositions with my project statement and to consider how type may create a mood or texture.

Project statement

From there I created compositions and found imagery to use for primary research. The new compositions do not include the whole statement in hopes to direct the viewer to the visual impression instead of trying to read the details. I asked a series of questions on my Instagram stories regarding the images, so it reached a young adult audience, but wasn’t specified for people with “no religious affiliation.” I thought it was decent insight to gather anyway, but I will continue to specify further in future user tests.

Instagram Stories

For the four images on the left I asked the following (results included):

Which image is the most appealing to you?
A: 7 people
B: 11 people
C: 37 people
D: 41 people

Which image would you like to walk through?
A: 9 people
B: 8 people
C: 47 people
D: 28 people

Which image feels mysterious, hopeful, and divine?
A: 8 people
B: 10 people
C: 70 people
D: 9 people

I told participants to feel free to tell me why they chose their selections, and interesting enough, the only people who were inclined to share had chosen C as most of their options. At the same time, they were vocal about their interest in churches and realism, which may not encompass my audience. I mildly regret including image C because it stands out drastically since it is the only photograph, so it likely just “makes the most sense” in peoples’ minds.

For the typographic image set I only asked one question, and it had the most split results.

Which aesthetic would you like for a museum of miracle stories?
A: 36
B: 23
C: 29

I’m not sure yet how these insights will influence me moving forward, but it was interesting to test the waters and see first impressions.



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