Pre-Capstone Reflection | week 2

I have been thinking about what I would do for my capstone for quite some time, though at this point in the process I feel like I might be boxing myself in rather than exploring real topic spaces that I am incredibly interested in outside of certain subjects that I associate with myself right off the top of my head.

A quick self-exploration and a subsequent mind mapping activity helped to get some topic spaces out, without focusing on how I would entertain a deliverable, how effective it would be as a solution, or any of the other intimidating questions that prevent me from thinking outside of the box.

My focus has almost always been exploring what could be, or making sense of the future rather than making sense of the present. I get so interested in speculative projects that might push what we think will happen to an extreme. Explorations of the future have as much potential to comment on the present as any other analysis of politics or technology.

Maybe that could be a lens for whatever project I choose moving forward?



The purpose of this first capstone course is to develop a solid foundation for finalized capstone deliverables including research and exploration through form making.

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