Week 11 Capstone Report

This week I explored what could be my visual language. I really enjoyed feeling out atmospheric textures and quirky chromatic aberrations. I think there is a lot of potential in creating some forms that feel somewhat clean, with some subversive elements that give a little interest to the world and feel more natural. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.

In creating these forms, I’ve realized that the final product should be equal parts designed by myself, and designed by the machine.

The design that I was talking about, at the moment, has been the concept of a “bulk test.” If you’re looking for a system that can get a single set of instructions to the machine within two hours, the system should be built with the “biggest” single set of instructions you’ve ever given it to a human. This method, known as iterative design, has been proven over years and years in practice, and it has a huge upside. It’s a test to see how well you can do a single system.

Maybe the content shouldn’t be generated by the machine, but you get the picture.



The purpose of this first capstone course is to develop a solid foundation for finalized capstone deliverables including research and exploration through form making.

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