Week 8

Project Statement: Graphic Design and Artificial Intelligence is a book for multimedia graphic designers that displays the potential for AI to enter their everyday design toolkit.

I decided to give myself a little more freedom with the categories to help myself brainstorm research methods and topics. I made the criteria slightly more specific and my answers a little less abstract.

I found that a lot of the structure of this project is going to be informed by surveying my intended audience, and a lot of the larger questions are going to have to run by an expert.

I would survey the everyday graphic profession or student with:

What kind of visual motifs do you associate with the future? What about future technologies?

What kinds of things do you immediately think of when you hear “artificial intelligence?” Thinking about how I could use peoples’ immediate thoughts as a starting point to grab their interest?

As a graphic designer, what kinds of tasks do you have to complete on a regular basis that are on the spectrum of [annoying–>unbearably tedious]?

And the following would be intended for an expert:

What are viable technologies that are going to be integrated into everyday design programs?

What do people think when you tell them that you are an AI programmer?

What upcoming uses of AI are just novel, and which are going to last?



The purpose of this first capstone course is to develop a solid foundation for finalized capstone deliverables including research and exploration through form making.

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