Weekly Medium Entry 8

Sophia Schultz
Summer Capstone 2021 — Section 2
2 min readJul 3, 2021


Variable Operational Table

After constructing a variable operational table for my project in class, I’ve determined that the best primary research I can conduct is expert/user interviews and user/audience surveys. For my interview I’m hoping to contact and talk to a employee at my local animal shelter (since I’m not currently in Cincinnati) and possibly a virtual interview with either a member of the Cincinnati Pit Crew or Cincinnati Animal Care to probe the challenges and triumphs they’ve experience while finding successful adoptions and fosters for their pit bulls. I‘m still a little unsure of my interview questions, but I do have some ideas for my survey. My survey will focus mostly on the general audience that I’m trying to target in Cincinnati and what is their experience with/perspective on how pit bulls are viewed and cared for in Cincy. I have listed some of these potential questions below.

– Are you afraid of dogs in general or any specific breeds?

– What do you associate/think of when you hear the term pit bull? (This could be behaviors, physical attributes, stereotypes, common phrases, etc.)

– Have you ever fostered/owned a pit bull or known anyone who has?

– Is that what you recommend?

– If you have/had a pit bull, how did you acquire your dog? (Breeder, Shelter, Pound)

– Can you recall a certain instance where owning a pit bull caused a negative response?

– Why do you think pit bulls have such a negative reputation?

– Do you think it is morally acceptable to ban a specific breed of dog.

– Have you even been bit by a dog? If so, what kind of dog was it and could you explain the situation?

– (Owners): How would you describe your dog to those who have never met (her/him) and had no idea (he/she) was a pit bull?

– Why do you think there is not more positive coverage on pit bulls and “pit bull type” dogs?

– Do you consider your dog dangerous in any way ?

– When you say you own a pit bull, do you get a negative response? (From friends/family/acquaintances)

– Do you think proper socialization and responsible dog ownership is the key to owning a Pit Bull or any dog in general?

These are just some of the questions I have to propose and they are mostly centered around people who do potentially have experience with pit bulls (either owning one or knowing someone who does). I will need to think of some more questions directed at the people who are skeptical and/or specifically do not like or trust pit bulls.