A Day in the Life of Cristina

Cristina & I at C & M Communique

“I am so happy to have you in my home away from home,” Cristina yelled as I walked into her building. She was wearing cat-eye reading glasses, a purple and white colorful blouse, with pressed dress slacks and fancy looking cowgirl boots. The room was small, but quaint with five desks in the front and Cristina’s office in the back. Her office walls were covered in frames with pictures of UCLA Bruin football, volunteer picnics and newspaper clippings.

Cristina Walters is the proud, successful CEO and founder of C & M Communique media and advertising. Cristina is a petite blonde who projects positive energy. She loves her career, anything involved with UCLA, traveling, volunteering, jewelry making and golfing.

Outside of C&M Communique Office Building

Her media business covers an array of different media personalities, some of which include; public relations, print journalism, advertising and graphic design.

Her company is a close-knit group of four women who run an extremely successful media business with the help of their faithful clients, which include; PulteGroup, Lennar, Toll Brothers, UCLA, Abracon Corporation, Teledyne Controls, Melia Homes, South Coast Plaza, Pacifica Companies, Special Olympics and Kennedy Wilson.

Cristina said,“We are the go-to-gals for all media.”

Cristina’s business features include; Market intelligence/consumer insight reporting, In-language and in culture media, Brand development and positioning, Strategic integration, Advertising/creative design, Multimedia planning and execution: print, digital, social, guerrilla, Website development, Direct marketing, Digital marketing, Interactive marketing, Public relations/publicity and Event planning.

C&M Logo

C & M Communique’s motto is, “Sure, we can design, program, research, publicize, socialize and so much more. But we see things from a rare perspective, one that recognizes the value of human nature, distinct cultures, influential generations and powerful ethnicity. One marketing message clearly doesn’t fit all, and simply translating an ad and casting stereotypes won’t influence a brand decision. That’s why our content driven solutions are as distinct as the audiences that receive them. Form deeper connections, appeal to motivations, and enhance brand value with our research-based solutions that align human intelligence with media and technology insights.” The reason for Cristina’s success is her belief that owning and operating a media business is all about who you know and making that close, tight connection with their clients.

Cristina Walters-CEO & Founder of C&M Communique

So now let’s talk a little bit about whom Cristina Walters is. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in English and Cristina loves to write, which is why along with many of her other “hats she wears” as she said, she is also the editor of anything that is written in her business.

She worked for a small media agency straight out of college in 1985 and soon became their in house director a few months later. She then decided to open up her own media business, called C & M Communique in Laguna Niguel. Her business has been successful due to her close relationships with her clients and her business model has always been and still is that she wants to “remain small.” Meaning that she wants to keep her clientele to a handful so that she can provide each and every one of them with the undivided attention that they deserve.

Cristina Walters-CEO & Founder of C&M Communique

This model has continually added success to Cristina’s business and she mentioned that although she only has a handful of faithful clients, they are huge accounts, that keep her hands full.

Kelly Soto, from Direct Loan America said, “Because of how passionate Cristina is about her company, as her client, I always feel secure with her handling my business. I have been a loyal client to Cristina for five years and will continue to do business with her because of how successful our partnership has been.”

Another reason why Cristina chooses to keep her business small is because she is extremely involved with outside commitments, which include her faithfulness to volunteering with the Special Olympics and her contribution to UCLA.

Cristina with her Fellow UCLA Alumni

The gate keeping policies of this media source all point to Cristina, she takes care of everything. She is the editor, the director, the creator and as she mentioned, “It’s my business, so it is my responsibility to make sure the ends and outs of my business are to my standard, because if anything goes wrong, it’s my head on the chopping block if the client is upset.” Cristina takes pride her work, her employees and her business, which is why she loves having a close relationship with her clients. Her favorite saying is “We are not a garbage in garbage out company,” so she strives for excellence in every aspect of her company.

C&M Communique Website Logo

Some of the career paths that are available through C & M Communique could be copywriters, graphic designer, programmers, account coordinators and so forth. Cristina and her employees are ready for any task thrown their way and can wear many different “hats” because each personality is very different.

Cristina also believes in rewarding her employees because of how hard they work for her. Cristina feels that since her business does so well, she can afford to pay her employees extremely well and they deserve it. She also said that when she hires someone, she feels she has made a commitment to them and will do everything possible to make them successful and live comfortably. Her business also sponsors internships to those who are interested in this media business.

Cristina absolutely loves her job and she always has because she is passionate about her company, clients, employees and what she does. “I am a self-proclaimed workaholic” so she says, which makes her job easier because she loves what she does.

Cristina’s specific responsibilities are to keep her business profitable and that goes towards her commitment she has to her employees. She mentioned that if she wanted to pack up her office and run her business from her closet she could, but she has a feels she is devoted to her girls (meaning employees) to make them successful. She also mentions that she has no problem taking on any tasks that are needed such as, answering phones, cleaning or picking up lunch or coffee.

Educational degrees aren’t necessary for obtaining a full time position at this company. Cristina feels that if the person applying for her company is passionate about her business, they can come in knowing very little and come out being an expert.

Some of the benefits of working for Cristina would be that there is a lot of room for growth in her company. She doesn’t pigeon hole her employees and is highly interested in their creative ideas, and is always willing to give and receive feedback.

She wants her employees to feel they can choose to do anything they wish in her company and move around, as they like. She is very open to new ideas and ways of thinking when it comes to operating her business.

She also mentioned that she loves to treat her girls to a nice lunch or cocktails if it’s been a tough or long week.

Leslie Bonifay, Employee of C&M Communique

Leslie Bonifay, employee of Cristina, said, “Cristina is one of the most selfless people I know. Working for her and this company is like working with your best girl friends.” Leslie also mentioned that Cristina makes “girls night” for her employees at least once a week, to show her appreciation for her employees.

Katie Kazi, Employee of C&M Communique

Katie Kazi, “The Millennial” as she calls herself, said, “Cristina has made my transition from college to the real world seamless. I was hired on as an intern, learned so much during my time here, and was hired on immediately after I graduated to run the “social media” market from C & M Communique. I LOVE my job here!”

Cristina is extremely proud of her success in her company. She started with little and has grown into a prestigious media business over the past twenty-three years. She loves her career and is so grateful that she still has the ability to enjoy her volunteer work outside her business.

Her employees had nothing but excellent things to say about Cristina and they couldn’t be happier with where they are working and with whom they are working for.

Likewise, Cristina adores her employees and wants nothing but the best for them, so she continues to strive and stay dedicated to them. As for her clients, from what Cristina says and the reviews I have seen, they seem to stay faithful to her company because of the close relationship they have and the superior results they receive from C & M Communique.

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