The Top Six Tourist Destinations in London, England

#6 — The Tower of London

From bloodshed murder to medieval torture The Tower of London will take you on a time-machine to the passed. Founded in 1066, The Tower of London is the world’s longest running tourist attraction. This historic castle is located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. The main tower and its surrounding buildings are absolutely incredible and provide an extraordinary glimpse into what life was like nearly 1,000 years ago. A guide will lead you through narrow corridors and hundred year old staircases while you enjoy the castle rich in history. Within its walls lay the Kings chamber as well as an extraordinary collection of harrowing armors. With all this in mind we must not forget the Crown Jewels, which are protected by armed guards within the castle. These jewels consist of some of the finest diamonds and gold’s in the entire world. With over two million people visiting each year, The Tower of London will continue to provide visitors with a glimpse from the passed.

#5 — Harrods

Gold bars and luxurious foods are just a couple of the amazing services and products offered at the world renowned Harrods! Harrods is an upscale department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London. Situated on a five-acre site it has over 330 departments covering one million square feet of retail space. Known to be one of the finest ‘malls’ in the world it has everything your heart desires. Its thirty-two restaurants provide everything from high tea to traditional fish and chips. It is well known to bring foods from around the world into one central location. Its retail stores hold an extreme variety of luxury brands including Rolex and Louis Vuitton. Special services within Harrods provide ‘personal shopper’ assistance, Harrods Bank, a watch repair service, a beauty spa and a wine steward. In 2009 Harrods Bank also started selling gold bars and coins that customers can buy directly off the shelf. More than five thousand staff can provide service to over 300,000 customers on a single day. Harrods will continue to be known for its luxurious foods and services while its Christmas lights continue to light up the London streets.

#4 — Buckingham Palace

Queens, Kings, Princes and princesses have all called Buckingham Palace their home for decades. Buckingham palace is located in Westminster, London and is the home of the reigning queen and the royal family. A focal point within London and is often at the center of celebrations and national mourning. This palace was constructed in 1850 and still holds most, if not all of its historical significance within its walls. The palace has over 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms all filled with fine marble and exquisite art. Within its walls the Grand Staircase is a highlight to be seen and is accompanied by the magnificent royal garden. The garden covers over 39 acres and is one of the impressive features of this royal estate. Buckingham palace is a must see and will continue to house the countries most significant figures.

#3 — Stamford Bridge

“Go on Chelsea, go on Chelsea, bring us home the cup!” Stamford Bridge is a football stadium located in Fulham, London. It is the home ground for a London favorite, Chelsea F.C. Football is a huge part of the English culture and plays a major role within English society. Often time’s stadiums will be packed with thousands of loyal fans while opponents travel hundreds of miles to support their teams. Fans can be heard singing and cheering for miles as they push on their favorite teams. Stamford Bridge hits capacity at 41,663 and usually is completely sold out come game time. Chelsea FC is a London favorite and continues to push for the Premiere League title year after year. Often times the entire city can be found watching these games either at ‘The Bridge’ or at local pubs found throughout London. If you want to dive into English culture and experience the passion of Football make sure you catch Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge!

#2 — Big Ben

Overlooking the city of London, this clock can be heard for miles at the stroke of every hour signifying time passing by. Big Ben is the iconic clock located in Westminster, London. Big Ben is the nickname for the gigantic 13–½ ton bell located at the top of the tower. The tower is known as Elizabeth Tower and is a massive historical figure within English history. The tower holds the second largest four-faced clock in the world and can be seen from multiple locations throughout London. The clock has become a symbol of the United Kingdom and can be heard during significant events within the country. Big Ben continues to be an iconic landmark within the United Kingdom and is easily identifiable throughout the world.

#1 — The London Eye

While standing at the top of the sky scraping London Eye, amazing views of the entire city can be captured from every angle. The London Eye is a gigantic Ferris wheel located on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. Standing at 443 feet high it was the largest Ferris wheel in the world when erected. It is the most popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom with over 3.75 million visitors per year. The wheel has 32 sealed and air-conditioned capsules on the external of the wheel and each can hold up to 25 people. It takes approximately 30 minutes for one full rotation and never truly stops. It provides amazing views of the city and remarkable photo ops. Its lights can be seen throughout the city and provide an amazing spectacle during the Christmas season. The London eye is a place where you can see multiple historical locations all at once from an amazing vantage point high above the city.

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