Top 6 Best Mexican Restaurants in the Inland Empire

Southern California is no newbie to south of the border cuisine but with so many restaurants to choose from its can be hard to weed out La crème de la crème.

From mom and pop shops to family owned restaurant chains, the Inland Empire offers Mexican food to please any taco lover’s style. Be it chilaquiles for breakfast, Birria and handmade tortillas for lunch or some Baja style fish tacos for dinner. We have the scoop on where you can find your favorite dishes so take a seat, relax and Grab some chips and salsa because we’re going to give you the low down on the best Mexican spots in the Inland Empire.

  1. Mariscos Del Pacifico , Fontana Ca
Picositos, Mariscos Del Pacifico

This place makes the top of the list due to their Picositos. A handmade tortilla made extra thick and slightly toasted almost to the consistency of a Gordita. It is filled with spicy seasoned cooked shrimp and cheese and is served with a side of lemon cooked red onions, pico de gallo and cabbage to prepare to your liking. This place has a secret salsa that sets them apart from any neighboring restaurant. A salsa made from a hidden gem of Mexico, chile tepin, perfectly blended with just the right amount of lime to give a citrus infused spicy kick with every bite. If shrimp is not your preference, they also serve an amazing Menudo on weekends, which has people lining up with their own pots to be filled to enjoy the Menudo at home.

2. Birrieria Guadalajara, San Bernardino Ca

Birria, Birrieria, Guadalajara

Next up is the Mecca of Birria in the Inland Empire; people come far and wide to get a taste of this perfectly prepared goat stew seasoned with chile peppers and garnished with cilantro, lime and onion. This restaurant always has a line wrapped around the building. The owner, a Los Angeles native keeps the menu simple; Birria, tortillas and quesadillas. You can order a full plate or half a plate, you can request for the “caldo” on the side or mixed in with your meat. Whatever your request, make it fast because only a single batch is prepared for a days worth of expected sales. Once all Birria prepared for the day sells out, doors close. This stew is guaranteed to deliver and surpass all your Birria expectations.

3. Casa Jimenez, Fontana Ca

This family owned and operated restaurant is the perfect place for a family meal. They have an extensive menu, from perfectly crisp green chilaquiles topped with queso fresco, with freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast to a flank steak smothered with grilled onions and jalapeno peppers for dinner. The best part is that you can take the whole family out at an affordable cost, plates range from $7-$12. Casa Jimenez provides a relaxed environment with great food and TV’s lining the whole place, in case you want to catch a game or maybe the Novela? Whatever your preference Casa Jimenez serves up every dish to perfection, and you can always expect to get the best in flavor, presentation and customer service here.

4. Mariscos Espinoza, Rialto Ca

Drinks, musica y Baile! This place offers the best of local bands on full blast every weekend night attracting a huge crown that it can take up to two hours to get a table. They make a killer Michelada, which is a popular drink throughout the Hispanic community that is made with beer, lime juice, Clamato juice and a few other spices.

They serve the best shrimp empanadas with a nontraditional recipe. Instead of the typical dry filling of only shrimp, these are filled with cheese, grilled onions and peppers. This unique take on the recipe sets this restaurant apart.

Mariscos Espinoza serves two salsas that are exclusive to the restaurant one is a pico de gallo with crab meat mixed in and the other is an extra spicy green salsa with a huge citrus kick. If you’re looking for live music, good drinks and place to kick back with your friends this is it!

5. Fonda Don Chon, Rancho Cucamonga Ca

Fonda Don Chon Buffet

Fonda Don Chon offers a buffet with over twenty entrees. Ranging from stews and enchiladas to an extensive salad bar. they have everything from sauteed or grilled flank steak to braised pork and fried chicken and last but not least fresh flour or corn handmade tortillas. Dessert is even offered with fresh made churros covered in cinnamon and a side of condensed milk for dipping sauce. The Buffet on Sunday evenings also includes bottomless mimosas. This is a feel good place to visit when you can’t make up your mind, here you can taste a bit of every state of Mexico.

6. Torta Sinaloa, Fontana Ca

The best Aguas Frescas are here! These drinks are made from fresh fruit with up to ten flavors to choose from on any given day. Flavors like watermelon, cantaloupe, lime, Horchata, or Jamaica just to name a few. The name says it all; here the torta is the specialty dish and many different concoctions are offered with over thirty different tortas available with different toppings and different proteins. All tortas are served with diced jalapenos and pickled carrots. What is also unique about the tortas’s here is the type of cheese that is used and the consistency of the cheese once its pulled from the panini press. Torta Sinaloa serves all their specialty tortas with red onion and Panela cheese.

Tortas Sinaloa Fontana, Ca
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