Day 9–10 ) Night view

Foam museun

I like the exhibition:
Swinging Sixties London — Photography in the Capital of Cool
Old school clothes and people are so beautiful.


Most of buildings in Amsterdam are all have a lot of staris! For example, from my seat to toliet in office I need go down 2 times and go up 1 times!

Bike really could be stolen!

There were three bikes been stolen until today, and we have six people totally! So there is 50% chance to been stolen in Amsterdam!!! Two bikes which been stolen were next to mine in Munttoren, and we are wondering what standard of selected bikes. So now we definitely lock our bike with something fixed on the ground.

Apple store

First walk in an apple store, and purchase something inside. And…there is no counter for checkout, because every clerk can checkout through the machine with them. There are a lot of tables for clerk and customers sit down and disscussing, so the scense just like a big cafe without drinks.

Space cake

Nothing happened…

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